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  1. Hi all - Just to confirm the comments here. I am no longer with Sencha as of March 2015. I was presented with a very attractive opportunity and after 7.5+ years of being at Sencha I felt it was time...
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    Easiest way would be to save to toolbox in one project, open the other project and drag it out from the toolbox.
  3. Hey Wayne, yes my last day at Sencha was this past Thursday. It wasn't an easy decision but I was presented with an opportunity that was too exciting to pass up.

    I'm still using Ext & Touch and...
  4. Please let us know what bugs you are most concerned about so that we can take that into account when planning the next release.
  5. There is a recently fixed issue in Sencha Cmd that will resolve this.

    It is fixed in Cmd 5.1.2. If you feel like living on the edge, you can update your cmd to beta via

    sencha upgrade --beta
  6. Would be nice to at least show a number next to it similar to webkit's developer tools
  7. Yea, we don't define the whole class in the canvas.
  8. Well I noticed a bug here that needs to be resolved but not quite what you reported...

    Started a new 5.1 project with Architect 3.2
    Went to settings -> framework

    The bug is that the build...
  9. I don't see anywhere that you defined self.... self isn't a special keyword like in Python. The keyword is this and has many unique characteristics in JS.

    Replace self with MyApp.model.MyModel
  10. Pushed it to our bug tracker and linked to the other ticket.
  11. Thanks, it looks like this is conflicting with our code to make sure that there is always at least one column in the grid at all times.
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    Put a component (like a button) inside the widget column as a child item. It will automatically add the widget configuration and show you all of the relevant configurations available for the...
  13. Could you send us an example of your project pre upgrade? It can be sent to architect . feedback at Please send a link to this thread as well.
  14. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  15. Where are you looking? I'm only aware of the dashboard inside of the Ext download distribution.

    Yup, when you select Ext JS 5.1 you can choose examples for starter projects and take a look at...
  16. Sorry guys for not linking to the changelog in the docs.

    It currently has build #73 but really should read build #75. I'll get with...
  17. MG -

    Please open a new thread with your problems that you are encountering. We'll gladly try to work out these issues with you by looking through your project. A few clarifications that we need....
  18. Dear Architect Users.

    We're happy to announce the release of Architect 3.2. The latest release of Architect adds in Ext JS 5.1 support, the latest Sencha Cmd, project wide search and fixes a...
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    The new Chart series in Ext 5.1 will be included with the release.
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    Thanks for the report
  21. Thanks, I moved this to the bug forum.

    The bug only occurs when converting an existing event binding to a controller action. If you create the controller action directly it will create the proper...
  22. wison -

    I need to followup with our business contacts at Appurify, looks like they APIs are no longer responding. Appurify was acquiring by Google last summer and not sure what their plans are...
  23. Stephan, thanks for the report. I see what's going on here. When you have a really tall container with autoScroll we aren't accounting for the additional height that has been scrolled off screen.
  24. Thanks, sounds like the framework is missing a requires in here.
  25. Very odd, I would rename your local storage stored in AppData and see if relaunching the app fixes it.
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