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  1. Wow, that was four years ago I have completely forgotten. I'll try to dig it out of an archive for you though.
  2. I'm getting this _every_ time unfortunately, only on firefox, my application just won't run.

    Upgrading minor libraries completely breaks my application ? How is this even remotely acceptable...
  3. Guys ?
  4. These answers are all pretty unclear.

    My code worked fine with 4.1, upgrade to 4.2, and only in FireFox, I get the exact same error.

    Sencha, how do we fix this ?
  5. I have this issue as well, left and right work, but labelAlign: top always shows at the bottom. Using 4.1, and 4.2
  6. Yes that is what ended up working best - I was hoping for automatic resizing by setting a bar height, because these are dynamic data sets, but I can just calculate the size based on the number of...
  7. Using this example!/example/charts/StackedBar.html , if I had 50 more elements to the data in the store, the entire chart shrinks to accomodate all of the...
  8. Hmm no luck. Oddly though, I'm using the onNodeOver methods to apply styling when hovering which works correctly, but when I release the mouse button it acts like it was on the step below it,...
  9. I am using some CSS transformations that shifts the div upward, and its resulting in weird behavior when I drop an item on to it.

    How can I manually say 'move this drop zone up 20 pixels' ?
  10. JSBuilder doesnt work on x64 platforms. It doesn't work the jsdb binaries are in x86 format.

    If you get the error 'cant find jsdb', its because of this problem.

  11. Thanks you solved it!
  12. I have dynamically designed forms and cant always guarantee the labels are visible, is it possible to have the field labels wrap instead of truncated ?
  13. I need to constrain the total width of the viewport and add some white space to the left and right of the viewport, how can I do this ?
  14. This is a big issue for me, makes ExtJS almost unsuable.

    Anyone ?
  15. I have set the inputId of my textfield to be consistent, but I still dont get previously enter values like it does in a regualr HTML form.

    How can I achieve this.
  16. The idea is to let them choose the columns they want for the grid. Even if we did restrict the initial grid to the first 10 fields, we would never be able to allow them choose what they want, which...
  17. Thank you so much for this, works like a charm!
  18. It seems to happen because I have overriden focus() to select the first input field for the form
  19. I'm getting an error in addCls() when I close my window with the close button. It's trying to add an invalid class to a field that no longer exists.

    How do I tell it not to do that ?
  20. I have this code snippet

    this.drawComponent = Ext.create('Ext.draw.Component', {
    viewBox: false

    this.myRect = this.drawComponent.surface.add({
  21. I have this store for a grid.Panel = Ext.create('', {
    pageSize: 100,
    model: 'FormHog.model.MyForms',
    autoLoad: true,
  22. Same Problem, same version.
  23. Replies
    I even have extensions to share at this point, Sencha seems notoriously bad at reading there forum posts it seems.

    I'll try to post a non-official forum in the meantime, will post again when it's...
  24. I have a panel that I want mostly HTML, but I'd like to be able to grab a <div> with a given ID and replace it with a Component , in particular I want to wrap an HTML table I have because it is too...
  25. I have this code

    function (c) {
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