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  1. Hi,

    I have a tree panel with nodes having checkboxes. I have attached a filter to the tree's store on a specific property of the ModelData. The problem is when I check some of the nodes and then...
  2. okie so I had to fix the column width of RowNumberer. Actually, I was hoping it to adjust itself with the content. anyways.. thank you for your response.
  3. Hi, I have created a grid with 101 rows. I have added a RowNumberer but it is not showing row numbers greater than 99 correctly (Please see the attached image).

    Code for the grid is as follows:
  4. Hi Colin,

    actually, I wanted it with no button. I wanted to to show a "About me" dialog with just the cancel on the upper right corner. Its not a critical requirement but I was wondering if there...
  5. Hi,

    I have to show a disclaimer and I was trying to use MessageBox. But the problem with MessageBox is that it by default shows ok button. Is there any way to remove it? (apart from writing my own...
  6. As it turned out.. the fields of the model class that were rendered by the grid were strings instead of being double thats why when a sort is called on a column then the items in it were sorted...
  7. yes of course.. got it fixed :) thankx..

    - Parit
  8. Hi,

    I have grid with a column that has decimal values like (1.6,2.3,0.2) as well as exponential values like (3e-70,4e-80) etc etc. When I try to sort the column then it just sorts the data in...
  9. Thankx Jeet (Sorry for late reply) and another thankx for the solution u posted for file download..
  10. Hi Sven,

    Can you tell me when can we expect 2.2 release?

    - Parit
  11. okie I agree the title is a bit misleading but here is wht I meant.

    I am using GXT 2.1 and earlier in my application I had a FormPanel with a submit button. A user has to fill in the fields of the...
  12. Hi,

    I am making a TreePanel and then loading it with a TreeStore. The contents of TreeStore are static data. Please the see the following code

    private TreePanel<ModelData> makeTree()
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