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    Hi all,

    I struggled trying to implement dashed lines in Chart LineSeries. Nothing is really extensible in the trio LineSeries/PathSprite/SVG to pass a custom SVG/VML Attribute.

    To resolve my...
  2. This issue does not seem to be related to other "Invalid Argument" posts as it targets TriggerFieldCell class

    Some kind of response would be appreciated! (none of the snapshot/nightly builds work)...
  3. Hi,

    Here is the template and the step to reproduce thru a basic sample. This issue is very blocking, I think that's better to officially communicate on the fact that GXT 3.0.2 does not support IE...
  4. Hi,

    We have the last GXT 3.0.2b version and our application throws AttachDetach Exception with an invalid argument message that you can find below :

    ( 2012-12-05 18:28:36,248...
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    Each time I go to the server failed to respond and I get into HTTP timeout.
    Looks like there is a problem with this server ....

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    Darrell the link doesn't work for me, I get a Tomcat 404 error ? Is there any other demo URL we can see the gray theme staging?

  7. Hello Sven,

    Sorry for the delay, I get more time to answer now. I have developped a kind of GXT Showcase which tend to demonstrate all the GXT fancy features. Feel free to test it there...
  8. +1
    in AbstractStoreSelectionModel
    line 333
    fireEvent(Events.SelectionChange, new SelectionEvent(this, new ArrayList(selected)));

    and SelectionChangedEvent != SelectionEvent

    This is my...
  9. One week after this post, apparently, noboby seems to care....

    I have another bug, window shadowing is very badly implemented. This is a kind of hidden layer which is not interdependent with the...
  10. Hello Darrell,

    I have two bugs on GXT since the beginning, I thought you would fix it in the 1.2.
    First Scenario :

    Put a context menu on any kind of widget. Scroll down your page and reclick...
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    I got the same pb. Following your response Darell, I used a container, it seems to work but is there any way to size the container according to its widget parent.

    Example :
    <td id="slot1"...
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