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  1. I've two nested container and I wanto to fit vertically (only vertically) the first container to the page size, and the second container to the first container size.
    In case of resize of the page...
  2. Thank you evant for your answer.

    Simply perfect!
  3. Hi all,
    I have a simple page with 2 or more grids and I want to use CellEditing plugin to edit cells of those grids.
    If I have only a grid all works well, but if I make 2 grids (or more)...
  4. Hi all,
    I've an that contain in each tab some object (that are Ext.panel.Panel).
    When I try to switch between tabs the items contained in the tab random disappear, like in the...
  5. Thank you scottmartin for your answer.
    I'm using the last version of this adapter, and I'm able to link a series as follow:

    xField -> time reference common for all y series

    first y serie ->...
  6. I'm using highcharts libraries with extjs 4 (using joe kuan official adapter).
    I've tryed to modify the example "Spline - Animation" that you can find here...
  7. if you define the function with all parameters:

    cellclick: function(gridview, rowIndex, columnIndex, e)

    and you type

  8. thank you! i've made a distraction error......
  9. i'm trying to use Highcharts plugin and I've started with the simple example in his documentation
    I've correctly set the enviroment (I'm sure).
    This is the windows i've declared:

    //other part of...
  10. I’m trying to achieve something like this (!/example/portal/portal.html) but I want the portlets to be resizeable.

    So I have a Ext.TabPanel with a...
  11. thank you scott, but i've solved using layout: 'column'
  12. i've a container with two panels inside, very similar to the following example code:
    {xtype : 'container',
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    thank you!\:D/
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    I think it's very simple to answer to this question:

    I have simple grid with my custom store:

    //other code
    {xtype: 'grid',
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    Add in your grid class the following rows:

    - plugin for the grid:

    plugins: [Ext.create('Ext.ux.grid.plugin.HeaderFilters')/*, ... other plugins here */]

    - column...
  16. Add in your grid class the following rows:

    - plugin for the grid:

    plugins: [Ext.create('Ext.ux.grid.plugin.HeaderFilters')/*, ... other plugins here */]

    - column...
  17. Good solution (thank you!!!!), but this create an "html" field, and i think that it's not simple to interact with sencha framework. For example i think is difficult to get focus on it on click event,...
  18. hello all,
    I'm making a simple page with a Grid like this!/example/grid/grid-plugins.html

    I would like to add inside the column header a textbox (or more...
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