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  1. I see what you are saying however there is no reason the XTemplate should have to iterate over every record in the store when all you want to display is 5 of them. Additionally when the number of dom...
  2. I thought about that however the use case I am facing is a store with 100+ items and needing to display 5 of them. I may just write my own implementation of a component like DataView.
  3. That is a solution however in order to sort correct (I am using localstorage) I need to load everything and then sort.... is the best route to create another store based on the sorted localstorage...
  4. How do you ensure a DataView will at most display X elements? I have tried overriding collectData to only return the first X records but this results in an error in sencha later. Seems like this...
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    I 100% agree. I really want to like this framework but issues like these make it difficult. I am looking forward to the next release.
  6. I am putting code in the "recommended" places and when it comes to release the app I will either build my own solution for merging them together or do it by hand.

    There is an alarming number of...
  7. Sencha Touch version tested:


    []only default ext-all.css
    []custom css (include details)

    Platform tested against:
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