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  1. Thank you very much for not pulling one of these:


    Here's the actual override code if anyone else is interested:

    Ext.define('Overrides.Ext.dom.Element', {
  2. Ext.ComponentQuery.query() is an amazingly powerful and useful function. I've been using it all over the place. The only problem with it is that it's a pretty long name for something that's used so...
  3. Not sure about a fix, but you could always use name or action instead of id and access the items that way.
  4. I'm sure this will be fixed in the next version, but if anybody needs a fix in the meantime, here's the override:

    Ext.define('Overrides.Ext.Decorator', {
    override: 'Ext.Decorator',

  5. Ran into this exact issue yesterday (in PR3) while building a TimePickerField. The problem lies in the onMaskTap function of Ext.field.DatePicker: it's always setting the initial value of the picker...
  6. I've seen the same weird scrolling behavior when using a carousel full of lists (i.e., each panel in the horizontally scrollable carousel contains a vertically scrollable list).

    This may sound...
  7. Instead of this:

    this.getViewportContainer().setActiveItem(0, {type:'slide', direction:'right'}); //!@!@ overridden by view/Viewport.js

    You might try this:
  8. It's possible that the removeAll() call might be obliterating the indicator, as it does for docked items.
  9. Same problem as the OP. Fields are completely unusable on Android due to the keyboard scrolling effect - with *every* keypress, the screen jumps up and down several times (on Droid X with Android...
  10. Replies
    This is a pretty critical error. The MVC architecture and the new guides are at the center of Beta 3, so it's a pretty big deal when the guided MVC example will not run. I spent a couple hours last...
  11. I know you guys are working hard on getting ExtJS 4.0 out the door, so it's definitely understandable. Just figured I'd give this one a kick and see what the status was. Thanks again for the quick...
  12. Still broken?
  13. Bobby,

    Swype has been officially integrated into Android, so it's no longer a seperate app. You can enable it by going to Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> Input Method (on the Droid X, at...
  14. More info, in case it's helpful:

    I'm using a Droid X with v2.2 and the Swype keyboard. I'm able to enter whole words just fine, but it's not possible to delete them - a delete action with the...
  15. Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear an overhaul is in the works - the docs are great, and better searching will allow us to make even better use of them.
  16. Description:

    The Search feature for the API docs at is still querying the ExtJS docs, not the Sencha Touch docs.

    Test Case:
    Carousel returns...

    In order to get around the issues with Ext.form.Select components on Android in v1.0, I've created Ext.ux.CustomPicker and its field wrapper,...
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