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  1. Sorry but i don't get it work
    This is my app.js code

    'Ext' : 'touch/src',
    'TestApp' : 'app'
    // </debug>
  2. You mean add '' to the requires in the app.js?
  3. Hello Everyone,
    i've written a sencha 2.1.1 app with an extra profile for tablet&desktop and everything is working correctly while im developing. But after i'm building production and testing with...
  4. Thanks adding a layout fixed it
  5. Hello,
    i'm testing Profiling at the moment.
    I'd like to add a FormPanel:

    Ext.define('TestApp.view.Form', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    xtype : 'myformpanel',

  6. Hi, I have this view,

    extend : 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype : 'basket',
  7. No the video is not starting and also the controls are not shown
  8. Hello,
    Since Android 4.0.3 our Sencha2 App with Phonegap 1.9 has some proplems to play a video.
    In Android 2.3.4 and IOS .x and of course in the browser it is still working.
    In the view we maked:...
  9. If figured out that the styles if added are written to the outer-div whos holding the image
  10. Thanks for your fast reply.
    But after if changed the mode the image is not resizable in any ways i described before :(
    It just works if i use the chrome Developer Tools-> ElementsView and add the...
  11. Hi,
    I want to scale an Image percentage,
    when im writing something like
    xtype: 'image',
    src: 'myimage.png'
    'width': '50%',
    'height': '20%'
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