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  1. We’re pleased to announce that JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.10 is available for download. The 6.0.10 version supports 2016.1+ release of JetBrains IDEs. Users will see a popup asking them to upgrade to...
  2. It's simple to do these days. Use 'box' for the type and then use the vertical config
  3. An initial tabpanel that will add items based on the store:


    What is not hooked up are other store behaviors such as adding/removing records from the store, sorting, filtering. Gotta leave...
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    "sencha web start" will simply create a small Jetty server that can serve up your application. It's a simple server with no configuration or support for things like PHP. If you need it then you can...
  5. This was due to IT shutting down our old CDN (cachefly) but not all releases are in the new CDN. I've removed the 6 versions that are not in the new CDN.
  6. Correct. Here of course may be memory leaks in the framework but there isn't any api that we expose that will trap you in a memory leak.
  7. The reason for having to wait for launch (or Ext.onReady) is because it has to load the ajax simulator classes which use Ext.require. The assets are then added to the SimManager class within an...
  8. This largely depends on your setup. Doing it in a beforerender listener is fine or you can do it in a controller when you are creating the view. Many ways to do this and without being in your code...
  9. Adding to what @jmin91 has already said, the requires is one of the things Cmd uses to create a custom build with what you required.
  10. Set a breakpoint when exceptions are thrown, move back on the stack trace. Easy to figure out what class is throwing what.
  11. Right. It's just like you extend an Ext JS theme like classic or triton but you would extend your base theme. Your base theme would then extend the Ext JS theme.
  12. You would need to have a base theme and have mytheme extend from it.
  13. There isn't a workspace level command but you may be able to chain commands so it's only executing one command in cli

    sencha -cwd app1 app build then -cwd app2 app build

    Only thing here is...
  14. No, there are no options to control what it cleans. You could create an ant task easily to do this.
  15. There isn't an automated way within a build (yet) but you can use the 'sencha fs' command to build a source map on a non-minified JS file:

    sencha fs minify --closure --generate-source-map...
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    Cmd is not required at all and will not be required and has never been required. We highly recommend it but it's not required. You can load single classes and package them up however you want (using...
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    I'm not having any issues with even after clearing cache. Are you behind a proxy or anything? What specific errors for loading the assets are you getting?
  18. I don't recommend using the wildcard because this can require classes you do not use and being lazy like this can make you forget to require classes. Each class should require what it uses.
  19. A dev build is only meant for local development. Testing and production builds are to be deployed to any server. What I do is have the server know what environment it's under and target the correct...
  20. Here is a simple link component I wrote a while back:


    The listeners go on the component, not within the autoEl object.

    In the listeners, you can have stopEvent there to stop the anchor...
  21. Don't forget to check the "Inherited" checkbox in the upper-right corner. I see methods like the request method but you need to make sure the Inherited checkbox is checked.
  22. Thanks for the report! I have opened a feature request in our bug tracker.
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    Ubuntu 16.04 using Fx works:

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    Hmmm... still think there is some caching involved because that link started downloading for me:

  25. Looks like it's an encoding problem with the docs sending the code to fiddle.

    for (i = 0; i < 5; ++i) {

    The '<' gets encoded to '&lt;'

    I've opened a bug for this against the docs project:
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