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    Thorsten, any idea how difficult this could be adapt to a DataView?

    I could really use this, and I would not mind paying for your time. I figure you are most intimate with the inner workings or...
  2. I agree.

    I have exactly this issue in my application and it is of course very embarrasing. The workaround of hiding the editor during the expansion is not much prettier.

  3. I can confirm that the "any width" icon text positioning issue I mentioned above persists in Safari on Mac and as you already know, Safari on Windows.

    Do you by chance know what the root issue is?...
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    I am wondering if there is a way to omit the cellAction (and icon) on a row by row basis?

    An example would be if an email has an attachment, to show an attachment icon, etc. I am not...
  5. Saki, it worked, but push the window title over way to far, even with a standard icon.

    In your file, line #373

    var padding = this.icon.getWidth() + 40 + 'px' + ' !important';

    I think...
  6. Sorry for the stupid question, but what devel version? AFAICT the IconMenu 1.0 is the only code available on your website.

    I am already using ext-all and ext-base for 3.0. Are you saying those...
  7. Hi

    I converted to this plugin after using a custom mod that accomplished this. With IconMenu when using wide icons in the windows Title (not the menu itself), say 40px, the windows title does not...
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    Extension for exactly this by Saki:
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    I know this is late in the game but try this:

    declare menu:

    var menu = new{
    id: 'tool-diag',
    items: [
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    I'm sure everyone that has replied has a computer that works like Desktop and not in a linear path like say Ebay. Nobody natually works in a linear path. Traditional web applications increase...
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    Actually, the css worked fine. It must have been my usage in the expander (of which I am no longer doing) making the css benign.

  12. Hello

    I hope this is not an inappropriate post, but I am wondering if there are any local tutors available for extjs 2.0. Or, non local tutors with time on their hands and a good internet...
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    Thanks Evant

    Actually, I was referring to making the "Icon: and title:" (in the upper left) of the window into a button from which I can produce a menu from. Just like the tools: parameter for the...
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    I'd like to know what my options are for making the icon and title of a window (i.e., like in the Desktop example) into a menu. Here is the window code:

    win =...
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    I am having the same issue. In a standard grid (straight from examples) with the expander plugin, any type of button I try to render inside the expander (toolbar with button, or just a button) I get...
  16. Thanks, that worked like a charm.

    Correct me if I am wrong, there is no DataStore documentation. I am not complaining, just making sure I am not missing some source of docs for this.

    To get at...
  17. Hello, very new to EXT here.

    I was setting up some test last week to run yui-ext around the block. With Grid for example, I was able to grab the id (xmlDataModel) which I made meaningful:

  18. Thanks for your help. Over the last week, I have tried to get this working with your advice, but it does not. I don't believe I am doing anything different than the many examples in the forum either,...
  19. Thanks Kjordan

    I tried your suggestion, but still receive the same error. So, it seems both ways work exactly the same - although I will leave it the way you suggest as I assume it is more...
  20. Hello,

    I am new to JS, YUI-EXT and this forum :-)

    I am using .33. On my page I am using BorderLayout, Grid, xml-grid, yui TreeView. This is the portion in question, the comments explain what...
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