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  1. The top of this thread says "Looks like we cannot reproduce this. Please provide another test case to reproduce this issue." Which contradicts what you have just posted. Which is correct?

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3 rev 548
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 28.0.1500.95
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  3. I have discovered the cause of it - I had code that was incorrectly creating two classes with the same name.
  4. Hi there,
    We are getting the error:

    TypeError: associationsConfigs[i].type is undefined
    dependencies.push('association.' + associationsConfigs[i].type.toLowerCase());

    When we create a...
  5. Thanks. Looks like I may have to either reimplement Ext.grid.header.Container::prepareData, or alternatively create a new Ext.grid.feature.Feature to provide this functionality.
  6. Hi all,
    I have a grid which has the ability of displaying 3 different types of rows, "A", "B" and "C". The grid has a single Ext.dataModel defined in the usual way.

    Each record in the store...
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    Hi Mitchell,
    Thanks, I implemented something very similar at the beginning of the week. It works well, and allows me to share my and controller specialisations across both the...
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    Hi all,
    We are developing an app on both ExtJS (4.1.3) and Touch (2.0.1). This is sharing common controller code which then interacts with platform specific views.

    On ExtJS I can easily...
  9. Anyone? I'd like an understanding of why it behaves like this as it seems pretty fundamental to the way I implement extensions and plugins.
  10. Hi there,
    Yes, I know this problem is with subobjects and not single primitives - the question is "why does it behave like this"?

  11. Hi there,
    If we have a component override defined and that override defined an object as part of the config, then it appears like that object is being reused amongst all instances of the...
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    +1 Can you please provide an indication of which ExtJS release this bug will be fixed in?
  13. Thanks, but no, it doesn't make any difference. I have a fieldset with an explicit height and no children. It only expands properly if it starts expanded. (My actual issue is when a chart is in the...
    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:

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    Is there a list of those differences somewhere?
  16. I have a system where a rich ExtJS interface is displayed. I am implementing a system where the backend server can tell the front end to change the text of a component that has already been rendered....
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    Yes, in particular the renderElements function. If the "buf" variable were to be returned by a method (maybe "getRenderFormat") then someone could extend TreeNodeUI and reimplement "getRenderFormat"...
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    I know - which is why I'm confused. If you run this in firebug on the page you see the 4 additional "undefined" parameters to the event when you check on a check box in the...
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    Hi there,
    I need to know when an individual item has it's check changed. This event needs to take a couple of application specific parameters. No big deal - I just add a listener to the panel like...
  20. I have discovered that I get more favourable results by calling GridView.autoExpand instead of GridView.fitColumns.
  21. I have solved this in an acceptable manner with a Panel plugin, the source of which is here:

    PET.Plugins.PanelExtender = function(component, config) {
    Ext.apply(this, config);

  22. I am now a lot closer to a solution to this.

    On the 'expand' event for the collapsable panel if I call this:

    expand: function() {Ext.getCmp('the-grid').getView().fitColumns(false, false,...

    The code for this is:

    page = new Ext.Viewport({
    border: false,
    cls: 'body',
    layout: 'border',
  24. Thanks - even if I change the accordion to be an 'anchor' layout, the same issue occurs. This doesn't seem to be related to the 'accordion' layout - it seems more to be about how the layout manager...
  25. Thanks - I had limited success with setting the parent container of the grid to use an 'anchor' layout, but upon making that change on the server side of our applicaition it still was not working as...
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