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  1. 47767

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong using sencha architect -
    The grid displays a list of all data items and does not page by 5 items but the page toolbar displays correct paging of 100 items but...
  2. Using Designer 1.2.1-27.

    I'll send you a message with location to the file as soon as I can package up the code with static data feed.
  3. I have a panel grid with a couple default cols setup and an Action column which I have promoted to a class with my designer project.

    From reading the guides to add objects to this class I just...
  4. If I don't have access to the service that outputs the json feed results for the selected folder; do I use the data model to transform the data or the reader. Are there any articles on transforming...
  5. SOLVED:: I wasn't autenticating so results were correct and were 0.
    My bad.


    In designer I set an array Store and get 0 results returned when I load the store against rows array.

    I do...
  6. ok fixed the menu so it's selectable updating -
    xtype: 'menucheckitem',

    xtype: 'menucheckitem',
    checkHandler: component.checkHandler,
    group: 'land',
    itemIndex: component.itemCount +...
  7. When I add menu Items to cycleButton it seems to break the cycle button and I cannot select the newly added buttons...

    I had a look here and tried to insert the extra params but it had no effect?...
  8. 3.3.1 when used with the group summary I get the following error -

    Ext.ux.grid.GridSummary.Calculations[cf.summaryType] is not a function
    data[cname] =](r.get(cname), r, cname, data,...
  9. Well that was easy.. should just look at the code more closely next time..

    if ('Active') != -1) {
    x = v - ([field]||0);
    } else if...
  10. Has anyone done this and is there an easy way?
    With the groupSummary plugin I want to subtract data held within a specific row to show the total.
    At the moment the total displays the sum of all...
  11. If a json object does not exist ie emails from the example below I get an error when I loadData.

    Do I need to parse and restructure the response.responseText setting up the object emails with...
  12. How do you select the window to swap components with the card layout?

    This is what I have tried::

    var chrome = new Ext.air.Window({
  13. Whats the best method of resizing the Air Chromeless window?
    I have been looking at the pixel bender app but could only find close, minimise and restore.

    I`m using the ChromeViewport at the...
  14. This guide fixed it -!!-plz-help-me.
    I had to define the combo template before the onready :)
  15. I think I`ve found the solution here:!!-plz-help-me.

    I`ll try it out see what happens.
  16. I keep getting the following error:
    Error: Adobe AIR runtime security violation for JavaScript code in the application security sandbox (Function constructor)

    I`m not sure why, as I am generating...
  17. Thanks for the update. Just reviewing some bugs I put in.. mybad..
    That did the trick!!! Thanks so much for the help
  18. Thanks Condor; that makes sense :)
    So if my understanding is right this should work -

    var storeSetup = new{
    // store configs
    autoDestroy: true,
  19. I have completely removed Ext.onReady now; the grid display still works and shows UID and displayName but still not the email.value -- "".

    In Aptana 2.0.4 I select debug to run and...
  20. Thanks Condor:: I took out the Ext.onReady. The code is held within the html head but still only UID and display name are showing, email field is blank?

    If I run the page in a browser with...
  21. var mydata = '{"items":[{"name":{"givenName":"John","formatted":"John Sim","familyName":"Sim"},"id":"simj01","displayName":"John...
  22. Replies
    Have you seen the slider already incorporated into Extjs within the form?

    Check out the latest 2.0.1 version examples dir, there is a basic slider component that you can use if you are only...
  23. I have a viewport, which renders a panel with a dataview.

    I want to have a context menu on the body of the dataview, which is the panel and on the items that the dataview generates.

    The problem...
  24. The docs are your friend. ;)

    * @event contextmenu
    * Fires when a template node is right clicked.
    * @param {Ext.DataView} this
  25. I've noticed another strange bug but with flash.

    Open up 2 windows.
    Put the window with an interactive flash object over the other window (this can just contain html it doesn`t need the xtype...
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