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    Thanks valititi.

    What I did:

    var subcategoriesCombo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: new{
    data: (comboConfigs['combo-subcategories'].data) ?...
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    I have a store with data (not URL). Basically I have an object variable that I pass to the store. No AJAX at this point since I have this object available from the page load.This works and populates...
  3. Thank you httpdotcom :)

    it worked! This is what I did:

    var rowRangeFieldset = {
    xtype: 'fieldset',
    title: 'Select Row Range',
    layout: 'column',
    flex: 1,
  4. Thanks Murray.

    I added hbox onto the fieldset that holds the combos. Now the three combos sit on the same line, but the label is not displaying. It even isn't in the html markup, so it's not even...
  5. I have three comboboxes in a FormPanel. Currently they are displaying on seperate lines, as per the default Ext layout. But I need them to be displayed on a single horizontal line. Also i need to...
  6. Would be really great if you could add a simple, to the point, example demonstrating how to establish the relationship between various classes/components via a single parent.

    And maybe having them...
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    Great work man. I love it and think you're an absolute genuis.

    I uploaded the demo to my server, created the db and all worked great.

    I'm about to start a project that involves building...
  8. They are on the same html page.

    I just need to know how to create two seperate instances.

    Also, this does not happen in Firefox. This problem is only in IE

  9. I have two seperate places on my app that require your uploader.

    The first uploader is called within the file assets page. what that means is that in this page, the uploader uploads files to the...
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    I have a form. I have several textFields within it. I want to have a textfield that I can hide at the start. Then I want to unhide it (show it), whenever I want.

    I tried hide() and show() on the...
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    Thanks. Exactly what i needed to know.
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    My function includes a line of code that I don't understand.
    The line is:;

    This line is causing an error in IE. ok on FF.

    What is console? and info?

    You can find...
  13. works thanks
  14. So sue me B)

    I forgot to include the aero css at the start of the html doc...
  15. You are a genuis ;)

    Thank you for you help. Its working now and the images are loading in.

    But still, that is very wierd. Why would this work for your example in IE, but not mine? Also, looking...
  16. I dont understand :-/

    How can I fix this? I dont know where to start sorry.
  17. has anyone had this problem???
  18. The images (from the images folder) are not loading for me in IE7.

    The following images:

  19. Silly me. Sorry about that.

    Also, I would like to pass some params by "post" to the upload.php
    And also permitt file extensions. Does this look correct:

    dialog = new...
  20. I am having another problem.

    I am returning a simple json responce, like this:


    This is exactly what you are doing on your demo page. But what happens with me is different. I...
  21. Ok, I just noticed something else. I changed to the gray theme (eg.xtheme-gray.css), and it worked on fireforx. Vista also worked...

    But I want the "xtheme-aero.css".. Tried everything I can think...
  22. Hi

    Look HERE

    On that login form, I have a basicDialog that holds a form within it. In IE, this displays correctly. But in firefox, I get some weird results!

    Also, if you colapse the form,...
  23. Found it :)

    grid.reconfigure(ds, columnModel);

    That did it.
  24. Hi,

    I create a DataStore like so (code snippet only):

    ds = new{
    proxy: new{
    url: App.baseUrl +'index.php/videos/grid/'+nid,...
  25. You are a star =D>

    2 more questions please:

    1. I am running on php4. Does this uploader require php5?

    2. When we click on "Upload" for your uploader, we get the animating blue box before the...
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