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    Can you just try clearing you Publish Path fields for now?
  2. Relative paths only work in Architect if we assume the root is the project. Most users don't keep their licensed version [the one that Cmd uses to generate an app] of the framework in the project.
  3. We don't have any plans at this point to add relative path support.

    The more likely solution (for us to improve) would be to move the custom path [storage] from the the xds file to the .architect...
  4. Sorry, those docs need updating.

    Here are some other resources:
  5. Awesome. When you're sure it's fixed, make sure you mark my post as the answer to make it easier for others to find.
  6. Okay, I got this running. The issue is you're missing bits from the app and workspace dirs located inside the .sencha dir. The fix for this:

    - Use architect to create a new app with the same app...
  7. No worries, I got it.
  8. just requested permission
  9. Okay, so it's definitely project specific. Any chance you can zip it up and put it up on a server somewhere? You can PM me the details.
  10. Save the project, please.
  11. Okay. Can you see what happens when you start up a brand new project?

    Make sure all ssencha and java (relating to sencha) processes are killed first.
  12. Are you seeing any errors in the output prior to the build?

    I was a little too quick to respond earlier, this is an error that a user should not be seeing in SA3 bc all the path stuff should be...
  13. If you're on Windows, follow this:
  14. sounds like it's missing a .sencha folder
  15. Okay... so all of that was dropped because stbuild was removed from Cmd. This should be more helpful.
  16. Okay, can you try navigating to the project via your CLI and run "sencha app refresh" and see if that resolves it?
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    Does the dependency page have any "not installed" items?
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    You should see options on the menu bar for Init Cordova and Init Phonegap.
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    That was going to be my guess. That some type of log or debugger is tripping up the production build.
  20. I would not upgrade Cmd unless SA3 prompts you to upgrade. Are you getting any errors in your Output panel?
  21. 51001

    Change the extension from txt to aux. This should be what you're looking for.
  22. It probably hasn't been updated to work with Touch 2.4.
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    First I tried it on Dev, then I tried it on an older version. Still not able to repro your issue. Both tests were on Ext5 projects.

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    Definitely not the same behavior I'm seeing...

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