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  1. What's the problem?
    Just after lunch I was refreshing my Sencha Touch 2 (version application and I suddenly noticed that all bar titles were shortened with ellipsis.

    What's the cause?...
  2. After some more digging into the framework I see that this bug is caused by RemoveAll not properly clearing the indices object of the Collection class.

    A better workaround for this bug is:

  3. When I remove all records from a store and after that do a IndexOf, the record is still there?

    var rec = Ext.getStore('MyStore').getAt(0);
  4. Nice work!

    Sencha should change this in the framework.
  5. Our application is running day and night data is going in and out of application. Models are created based on data from the server and old models are updated or removed from stores.

    We would...
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    Ah I see your problem.

    What you perhaps could do is introduce a method to call after the FilteredStore filters your data:

    You could make the following changes to the FilteredStore:

  7. 1. Simply install Sencha SDK in C:\Sencha
    2. Open a Dos command prompt
    3. Go to C:\Sencha\bin
    4. Type sencha and your good to go

    After that you can use the sencha keyword from any location.
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    Luismerino: nice adjustments!

    To only show the Cats, I would use an if-statement in the Dataviews ItempTpl. You can't filter on Cats via the FilteredStore because that would change your...
  9. Perhaps not really a bug, but a limitation:

    In associations I can't use the AlternateClassName, but I have to use the actual ClassName.

    associations: {
    { type: 'hasMany', model:...
  10. In our application we use PhoneGap to interact with the device. We've implemented a custom plugin in PhoneGap to play the default tick sound (fastest way to play sounds possible).

    As for the...
  11. Is there some way to get the old look and feel back for button badges?
    I prefer the iOS look and feel of earlier releases.
  12. The width of the first child element in a titlebar is always set to 'auto'.

    Ext.define('App.view.StatusBar', {
    extend: 'Ext.TitleBar',
    xtype: 'StatusBar',
    config: {
  13. Unfortunately there is still an issue with the emptyText logic in Dataview/List.
    The DeferEmptyText config isn't working properly.


    Ext.define('Demo.model.Item', {
  14. Bump

    Jamie, is there a better way?
    I'd prefer a controller-only solution
  15. Bump

  16. Any thoughts from the Sencha team?
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    I don't really seem to need it any more in ST2-B3. In earlier versions when I closed my popup the iOS keyboard would still be visible. Now it seems to hide automatically.

    Thanks for looking into...
  18. Thanks for the fix!
  19. First question:
    Is there a way to add additional config items to an override?
    It seems that no getter and setter is created.

    Ext.define('.....', {
    override: '',...
  20. I'm using RaphaelJS, it starts with the Raphael call:

    if (!this.svg)
    this.svg = Raphael(this.getId(), 1000, 570);

    RaphaelJS will throw a javascript error, because it can't retrieve the...
  21. In our project we would like to create a custom association class that works a little bit different than the belongsTo association. Unfortunately this seemingly old piece of code in...
  22. My workaround right now is adding this to the view:

    listeners: {
    painted: {
    fn: function () {
    // fire application event
    element: 'element'
  23. I'm using the RaphaelJs library to create a SVG drawing in my Sencha application. The application is quite large and I'm creating and destroying components as I go.

    I thought that the Show event...
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    Thank you for looking into this.
    I appreciate the great work you guys are doing on ST2!
  25. Is that really the best practice?
    I can imagine that solution for a utility class, but for a lot of business logic?

    The full call name length is also very long.

    Thanks for your feedback so far.
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