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  1. Hello.
    In the past i used method Ext.ComponentManager.isRegistered for test is soecified xtype registered by. But int 5.0 it's deprecated.

    So the question is: what method i must use now?
  2. Hello.

    There is the fiddle:

    I want that one grouped column will fill all the table width. How can i realize this?
  3. Hello.

    After updating to the version, double click event not fire under IE, but works fine under Chrome and FireFix.

    So, pls, can you fix it on the next build :)

    Ie version 9 X64...
  4. This is not work with ExtJs 5.0 $:(
  5. Replies
    Hello. I create the tabpanel dynamicly. I create the, after this I create the and use add method to add it to the TabPanel.

    But after this i need to add component to the...
  6. The problem solver by: JSONObject obj = value.isObject();
  7. Hello. I have and get the error unexpected character on JSONParser.parseStrict(resultHtml):

    form.addSubmitCompleteHandler(new SubmitCompleteHandler() {
  8. Hello.

    I have the one modal window with fomr on it, and open other one from it with another form.

    If the second form have NOT any component - it\s open clear from norm. If I add the component...
  9. Hello. On my treepanel component i have chackchange listeners:

    wizardGenPrice_treeWarehouse_Checkchange: function(node, checked, eOpts){
    if (!{
  10. I found the bug if in the cpmponent press TAB button - the error is present. For exmapl,e select last visited item in the list.

    For me problem was fixed by comment line 611 and 613:

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    Hello. I have DataStore:

    var actionGoodsListForGenPrice = new JavaAction();
    var jsonGoodsListForGenPrice =...
  12. Replies

    On IE version 8.x i have the next error: undefined is null or not an object in ext-all-debug.js line 36758 symbol - 25
    isField - is null or not an object in ext-all-debug.js line...
  13. Hello.
    I have two modal window. One is opening from another.

    When i close second one from the first but click X tool, and after this clsoe first all is ok.
    But when I close second by my button...
  14. Heelo. I have the TreePanel:

    Ext.define('LeftPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.tree.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.leftpanel',

    id: 'treeMainMenu',
    region: 'west',
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    I have the next code:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.toppanel',

    id: 'panelUserInfo',
    region: 'north',
  16. after removed method parameter all works fine
  17. Hello.

    I have the next code:

    var runner = new Ext.util.TaskRunner();
    var task = runner.start({
    run : function() {
    var action = new...
  18. Hello.
    I have the next code for added item tothe grid:

    var newRecord = Ext.create('WebUI.model.ModelOperationSystemVersion');
    newRecord.set("a_link_ouid", selectedId);
  19. Fixed with:

    storeObject = new;
  20. Ok.
    I usre the next code:

    id: tabId,
    title: selectedText,
    xtype: 'tabOperationSystemItem',
    closable: true
  21. Hello.

    I have the two tabs with grid on each one.
    The grid is configuring: store: 'As.DSOperationSystemVersion'.

    And in separated file i have:...
  22. I change the code to:

    xtype: 'itemselector',
    name: 'linkSelector',
  23. Hello.
    In EXtJS 4.0 in xtype:itemselector was config: 'multiselects' but in 4.1 it's missing. So what can I use for determine like this, but in ExtJs 4.1:

  24. when i change to:;

    It's look like work. But i will testing it tomorow.
  25. Hello. I have the next code:

    Ext.define('xxx.view.tabs.TabOperationSystemList', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.tabOperationSystemList',

    layout: {
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