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    Why would anyone still try to support IE7? I understand the benefit of backwards compatibility, but at some point you have to move on.
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    Thirding this question.
  3. Ah, that's what I was missing. This worked. Thanks!
  4. I'm unsure if this is a bug or if I'm merely misunderstanding something. Sprites added to a drawable surface during the initComponent phase render fine. But added afterwards, they don't show up.
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    Picture uploaded.
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    On large data sets, not all chart labels will render. Some will just not show up.

    I'm using ExtJS4.1 RC3, though this problem has affected all prior versions and all browsers.

    Earlier post I...
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    It seems like there should be an auto-fit function for chart labels that decreases the font size as needed to get things to fit. There would obviously be a limit to what this could do given an angle,...
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    It looks like there's overlap on chart labels causing some to not generate when being displayed at an angle. Is there a way to fix this other than have all of the labels generate downward?

  9. Luckily Chrome auto-updates, so unless the user has specifically turned that feature off or they're working in some environment where auto-updating is blocked, the majority of Chrome users will get...
  10. Noticing this on the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers (unsure if the issue occurs on older versions).

    If I have a stacked bar chart and a redraw occurs (such as when the store loads different...
  11. It was a Stable channel release for 18.
  12. Chrome just released an update that fixed all of the layout issues I was having. I suggest everyone update and see if that fixes the issues we've been seeing.
  13. This sort of posting is entirely unhelpful.
  14. Switching to the Ext 4.1 RC1 version seems to have fixed this issue entirely. It may have just been something that broke during the beta.
  15. I'm using standard Chrome. No nightly builds or beta updates.
  16. I've made a page with various tabs, each showing a variety of charts. When I refresh a page that I've made with charts on it, if I navigate to the chart while it's still loading data into the store...
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