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  1. I can also confirm this on the iPad. Major issue.
  2. I can confirm this issue and the DatePicker fix above does not work for me. This is a real app killer as you have to refresh, losing all your data, to get the issue to go away.
  3. This is a hack/workaround but this is what I have done to make checkboxes work in the browser. I am using this on my formPanel as I am using multiple checkboxes. It can easily be changed to work...
  4. I have an editor grid with comboboxes in a few columns. These comboboxes are populated from a dataStore with a memery proxy and jsonreader that reads an array of json objects. The grid is initially...
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    I would like to use the capabilities that sortTypes provides. I have searched the forums and have found old examples being used under DefaultColumnModel and in this post Jack says it will be moved...
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    I am rendering a flash player inside a grid column. The player renders fine but is not clickable (ie nothing happens when you click the play button, like it is an image or something). I...
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