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    Hey All,
    Any one can help me. how to write class diagram for Ext JS MVC application. Is there any automated tool to generate this. Please help me :(
  2. Thanks for your reply.
  3. dongryphon, Thanks for your reply, I have one more doubt. inside
    packages/ common/src/

    How I can write the code? Is it simply a Ext js Class or. is there any...
  4. Hey all
    I really need to generate multi page app. Can any one help me how to configure it on ant or sencha CMD
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    Hi all,

    Can anyone help me to create progress bar chart in Ext js. Is there any way to implement below chat. Please help me . it is very urgent.. :(

  6. Hi All,

    When i try to load new view in to a container .it will take long time to load .So how i can improve it.

    please check my code

  7. Any one can help me . this is a major issue for me
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    Hi All,

    Anyone implemented this in Ext js 4.2.1 ? Please help me....
  9. Hi all.

    Still i am not able to find solutions. can any one help me...........
    I have attached the screen shot and my code ...please check it and let me know the changes.. in this POC i am using...
  10. Hi All,

    I want to select items from combo using shift key. Can any one help me. ..

    For Example if I want to select 10 records at a time i need to use Shift key. So how i can do it.

    I am...
  11. This is my code .We are using 4.0.1 SDK


  12. Hi All,

    When trying plot line chart with time series STEP [Ext.Date.MONTH, 1]; x axis not adjusting properly .Can any one help me....attaching the screen shot.44270
  13. Hi All,

    I am trying to create new MVC application with EXT js 4.2.1.I need to write custom style for the components. So how can i implement sass concept in this. Where should i keep the sass...
  14. I have created Ext js 4.1 application . i am trying to get change event of radio button group on controller .
    but in debug mode i will get the event on controller. when i build on production as...
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