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    Just to say that it is really a problem for us... :s
  2. Perfect ! It's working well :)
  3. I agree with worthlutz, it would be great if we could copy a selected line in the log grid of SA3.
  4. In SA 2.2, I had two custom components.

    After migration, when the project is reloaded by SA3, I see that in the console, there are two entries tagged as error :

    Could not write to...
  5. I'm facing to the same problem :(


    Win7 x64 Family Ed.
    SA 2.2 installed (fully functional, no login required at each startup)
    SA 3.0 (b1337) (fully functional, but login required at...
  6. Okay thanks for the info (the page!/guide/changelog ) doesn't mention this :-/

    Can we install the new version exactly over the current existing install (same...
  7. Hey,

    Today, I got this screen when I started Architect (2.2.3 b1039) :


    But when I click on the Go to website button, it leads me to download Architect....v2.2.3 !!!

    In sentence...
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    Any progress ? ~o)

    Can we expect a fix for the next SA release (SA 3) ? :-?
  9. You saved my day !!! THANKS =D>
  10. Since SA 2.2, when you publish a project (extjs), it does not run anymore in the windows console.:-?
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    When you promote a component to a class in order to reuse it, SA doesn't keep linked class' events if you bind any event of an instance.

    I explain...

    1°) I have a component which inherits...
  12. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 908 (2.2.0)
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.2

    Can't handle griddragdropplugin of a gridpanel's view by Architect
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
  13. You saved my day !!! :D:D:D

    Thanks a lot ! \:D/
  14. Great :)
  15. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3 rev 125
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 23.0.1271.95 m
    Maybe in all others..

    From a modal window, if you use a Ext.Msg.prompt and in...
  16. It seems that there is only ExtJS available with nightly builds for now.

    I wait for an anwser from sencha team here :)
  17. Bump
  18. Of course ! :D
  19. I have just tried and you're right it doesn't work (same SA build than you).

    I suspect a bug or maybe it's a "normal" behavior with Preview Mode...

    An answer from the Sencha Team should be very...
  20. Did you try the following :

    1) In the project inspector, click on Application --> AppLoader
    2) In Config panel, uncheck the property "disableCaching" in "Ext.Loader" section
    3) Save your project...
  21. ExtJS

    Even in the API's doc the parameter doesn't appear anymore :!/api/
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    Good Job ! ;)
  23. Since last Architect update (2.1.0 B676), "operation" argument is removed, why ?

    How can I catch "operation.error" property when store load fails ?
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    Set to your floating component :

    autoRender property to true
    autoShow property to true
    to see your floating component in Design Tab of SA (build 640) because by default it seems that floating...
  25. Ok...

    The problem is that my grid panel (in my project) is in a tab of a tabpanel and so my entire component isn't visible anymore. I can't view or modify my popup with the designer. To do that, I...
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