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    I can find only ExtJS 5.0.1 and the issues are reproduced.
    Can you please provide a link to 5.0.2 where the issues are resolved?
  2. The thread was moved here from "ExtJS 5.x Bugs".

    Isn't it a problem of ExtJS 5.x backward compatibility with Sencha Architect 2.x and 3.x?
    Does it really has sense to make new version of Sencha...
  3. Hi, Sencha. The bug is very straightforward, but I didn't found it in the forum.
    When you use Sencha Architect, it adds elements to dockedItems next way (will use toolbar for this example):

  4. Workaround is to use setValue() instead of setRawValue().
  5. But that's exactly what I'm talking about. I use setRawValue as I want to circumvent the change detection mechanism. Ok, the value is set, no event is fired. Now I start to work with my app and I...
  6. Please, see docs for setRawValue method. It says "Sets the checked state of the checkbox.". So, if the checkbox is checked and I uncheck it, I presume that "change" event should be fired, as the...
  7. The problem appears is you use setRawValue() method. Method setValue() works fine.
    Before checkbox render just use component.setRawValue(true); and put some listener for "change" event. You'll see...
  8. Thank you. I'll try 4.2.0.
    We use 4.1.3 in our project and the problem exists.
  9. File upload works different for debug and non-debug libs. The problem is that after you press the button to upload something, the path is removed from textfield on click if you use debug version, and...
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    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3
    Browser versions tested against:


    When you define a window with a margin the shadow is not placed...
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    It seems that there is a problem when I set negative margin for the Window component.
    There are two problems:
    1) In Sencha Architect the top part is not visible (I suppose that is Architect's bug)...
  12. That sounds like work around. Don't you want to fix that in the next version? ;-)
  13. Scott, it works correct. After refresh I ask the third page, the records after 21 (including 21th). But in that time we have only 20 records on the server. So, the result is empty. It's OK, I just...
  14. I have Grid with a Paging toolbar and you use Ext.plugins.ux.PagingToolbarResizer.
    Here is the problem: on the image "before" you can see that I am on page 3 and I the total count of records is 21...
  15. Ext.Version.Ext.extend.constructor

    build: 548
    major: 4
    minor: 1
    patch: 3
    shortVersion: "413548"
    version: ""
  16. Hello, Sencha team!
    I've found that there is an issue with combobox selected value: when you select some value which is longer than combobox width, it shows the end of the value for the first time....
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    I use ExtJS 4.1.2.
    The question is: how to deselect the drop-down list highlighted value in case when I set a new combobox value manually?
    If I can't do that, then the question is - how can I...
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    It seems like a bug that 'select' is not fired when I select the value in drop-down list for the second time. I suppose that now it works like 'change' event. Please, open the attached test case,...
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    Please, see the problem on the screenshot.
    I have 10 records per page. I already have 3 records in a grid's store and I've just added 10 more.
    As you can see, Pagination toolbar shows that I...
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    Does it work without simplification? If it does not - why? May be something is wrong with cursor position after you click on combobox and select an item?
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    HtmlEditor insertAtCursor() method inserts always at the beginning for IE.
    Please, find an example in attachment. I've tested it in IE8.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Open app.html and insert several...
  23. DOh! :"> Making the test case, I've found that the problem was in our custom Proxy while performing Proxy.buildRequest operation. It was just hard to catch it while debug. So, the problem is...
  24. Operation is 'read', ExtJS v 4.1.1.
  25. Hello! From time to time I have a strange problem: records come from server, but my grid is empty. I've made a debug and here you can see the output on a breakpoint at onProxyLoad() method for a...
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