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  1. this helpful to me. thanks.
  2. Ext version tested:
    Ext 3.3.1
    Adapter used:

    css used:
    default ext-all.css

    Browser versions tested against:
  3. who can help me!:s
  4. some one who can help me to fix this problem!
    Thank you!
  5. mabey you can use the eval() method, it can run javascript at the run time.
    so you can get the script from the response like "eval('new Ext.form.textfield({});'"
  6. I see the same problem too!
    And I get another problem too!

  7. but I still faces the other problem!

    in the hidden tab, use a datagrid in it, it can't work!

    some one who can help me!
    thank you!
  8. when you use the "view = doc.body.defaultView" to replace the "view = doc.defaultView" can filter the error,but other errors becomes.
  9. I use gridpanel in the Ext2.X Version.
    And now I must support it's application in the chrome.
    How can I fixed this bug.
    I know the Ext3.3.1 Has fix this bug, but if I want to fixed in the...
  10. Maybe you can see the treepanel's API like this:

    click : ( Node node, Ext.EventObject e )
    Fires when a node is clicked
    Listeners will be called with the following arguments:
    node : Node
  11. how I can support it????
    for example:
    new Ext.Panel({
    layout: "fit",
    title: "Ext",
    bodyStyle: "background-color:red;height:100%;",
  12. Replies
    you didn't understand me!
    I use the Ext.layout.BorderLayout,And want to use a form!
    so I cann't use the treepanel as a region of the borderlayout!
  13. Replies
    maybe this sample can help!
  14. maybe you can try

    combo.on('select', function() {
  15. Mabey you could override the createSortFunction of
    Or override the singleSort and multiSort of in your page.

  16. Replies
    I use a panel and a form. And put a tree the form. how can i put the scroll.
    I don't know the scroll where I should put.
    Mabey I could set the panel style="overflow:auto;" and set the form's...
  17. Thank you for answering my question so carefully!
    And I can solve my problem too.
  18. Who can help me,I have to solve this bug and complete my project before this weekend.
  19. I have try

    header: '<div class="x-grid3-hd-checker x-unselectable" unselectable="on"> </div>'
    but I can't solve the problem.
    and if I change to
    header: '<div class="x-grid3-hd-checker...
  21. I encountered a problem. In “Frame with Checkbox Selection and Horizontal Scrolling” under the directory of "Grid Plugins Example", when I double-click the upper-left Combobox to select all (the...
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