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  1. Thanks, your have right, - tpl option helps.
  2. Expand fires before css height is added, but after html is generated ... want just event, which will fire after all css changes ...
  3. Thanks, works.
    One question, how i can add event on after show the drop down list... as i understood only changing sources of extjs?
  4. $( ".tall-cb" ) . css( "color", "green" );
    $( ".tall-cb" ) . css( "font-weight", "800" );

    this even works. but height is owerwriten, as i see after show.
  5. Am trying change height of expanded combobox.
    ext 3.0.0.

    i made this in config:

    listClass: "tall-cb",

    and i made an try to catch it expand:
  6. I am trying make value processing in after edit event, with no huge success.

    'afteredit' :
    function afterEdit(e) {
    if ( e.field == "idx1*" )
  7. Replies
    Just add this plugin (just 1 ajax loaded edited grid/ext3) & notice strange behaviour, in some cases.
    Sometimes it load saved columns positions, sometimes - no. In chrome it mostly works, in...
  8. As usual nobody answers.
    I dont find why (am sure this is IE9 css - working in other manner), but i am showing there - how fix this.
    Here is answer
  9. Suddenly i noticed that QuckTips+ExtJS3 grid works well in Ie9 but inside fancybox iframe.
    Here is example :...
  10. Have founded this

    .x-tip .x-tip-body {
    font: normal 18px tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;

    in ext-all.css, have made try z-order:10000; this.
    With no effect :(
  11. Have ttrouble with IE9. Tooltips not shows on headers.

    I use this to init quicktips:

    Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL = "js/ext-3.3.1/resources/images/default/s.gif";
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    Ok, here is code, which makes this reset button in popup ... also with with reset button inside field (last future can be commented if any need)

    Ext.apply(Ext.DatePicker.prototype, {

  13. error is:

    this.getVisibilityEl() is undefined
    chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif return this.rendered && this.getVisibilityEl().isVisible();
  14. Ok, i made already changes to ext-all-debug.js.
    All works.
    But now am trying made an override of methods ... and nothing works.

    Here is code:

    Ext.override(Ext.DatePicker, {
  15. Have a problem of making changes to calendar control. Want add own button to the popu which do something & set up date, but dont understood - how to get this popup.

    Is there any event that fires...
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    Am make same, but good one - is to have also reset button inside popup. Is there anybody who knows - howto get calendar (popup) component reference?
  17. Tnx, i make another way ...

    listeners: {
    'keydown' : function (field_, e_ ) {
    $.log( e_.getKey() );
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    i have same problem, current;ly added context menu - to select which datefield to clear ... but am searching for solution, - to add another button at the bottom of calendar control.

    Here are some...
  19. I have grid, there i make some actions on 'afteredit' event of grid. Basicly - i need reload store, - to sync grid.
    Now - is a probelm, - how to restore cell position, - i.e. not start again...
  20. Is there some easy way to migrate EditorGridPanel - to have grouped look? As ex. have grid with 7 columns.

    i add ext-3.3.1/plugins/GroupHeaderPlugin.js, as <script ...

    /* * GroupHeaderGrid...
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    So basically no body can be totally sure, that mail() is no used, as ex in this script?
  22. Replies
    "...if(!extension_loaded('Php ...
  23. Am trying make locking in editorgridpanel.
    As i understood this need 2 extensions added, to make column model locked as min?

  24. As i understood from documentation this is impossible to make one or few columns freezed?
    So which way, to make columns freezed (locked)- use Ext4?

    Pls help me ...
  25. I have editorGridPanel with column:

    I want disable users input, just allow them - select the date.

    I try :

    1. Add listeners on keypress to whole grid. Not works in editor mode
    2. Add...
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