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    You are right isGecko has been there since version 1, but In my case I needed to know what version of FF was being used, and isGecko2 and isGecko3 didnt come in till the new version, else Id have...
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    Ahh I guess these must have been added in the new version?

    although I have downloaded it I have not yet put it into my app! that would have saved me a few mins.. never mind!

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    I guess, but I wanted it to work in that same way as the Ext sniffing.

    Unless I'm missing something you need to set them all for this to be available do you not?

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    Hay all,

    I had a search around the forum and couldn't find any information on this. I then turned to Google and found a way of telling what version of Firefox is being used.

    This is what I am...
  5. That works great,

    no there isnt an id set on the store, the store code is:

    im.textAreaStore = new{
    fields: [
    {name: 'id'},
  6. Hello,

    I am trying to records to a SimpleStore, I can get it to add a record with this code

    function tabChange() {
    var test = im.activeTab;
    if(im.activeTab != null){
  7. Awsome! thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Hi condor,

    Thank you for your reply, maybe Im doing the load incorrectly.. here is my whole script so far.


  9. Hello,

    I have a problem accessing some data after my page has loaded.

    I expected

    Store.length; or
  10. After stepping through the code several times using Visual studio, this is what I can see is happening:

    In the parseSoapRequest method (shown below), req.responseXML is not poulated in ie7, ie6 or...
  11. Hello all, Im having what seems like a really stupid problem.

    I can not get my data to go into the store.. when I inspect the dom my data is in my reader. my code is as follows:

  12. I guess no one else has had the same problem as me then,

    can someone please tell me if the SplitBar should work in IE ?

    Thank you.
  13. Hello,

    I am using the Ext.SplitBar in a small app. I have just been testing it in IE and I get the following error.

    'Internet Explorer cannot open teh internet site...
  14. Of course.. sorry for stupid question.. been one of them days ...

    Thank you for your fast reply though. :D
  15. Hello ppl,

    I'm not sure if this is a stupid question or not.. I have a script atm that creates an array of checked items from some check boxes. I store this data in a cookie so I can use it later...
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