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    try checkInToggle.value = 1;

    works for me
  2. It works now, i placed the chart.panel in another panel, and added that panel to the cardlayout.

    For the titlebar i hid it just with css.

    Anyone got better solution?
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    Wow, you are really trying bind new extjs users to your product, not! I see you are a bit contemptuously overall on your answers on the forum.Although i dislike such people, i really love Extjs so i...
  4. I have created Rootpanel als container for everything else, That RootPanel is a Card layout, which create the buttons in the bottom toolbar for each item it contains. In my case, Homepage and...
  5. that were my guesses also, hide/show column isn't a option for me because of the different sizes of data. So i used innerHTML indeed. Got to see how that works out since i can't give the colomnheader...
  6. I would like to know if it is even possible to change the header text in a grid.panel dynamicly

    Lets take the following grid for example:

    the simpons do have phonenumbers, but also mobile phone...
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    Many thanks hariardi!
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    I would love that also, a copy of that, just the basic setup for extjs and codeigniter:)
  9. What is the best way for internal linking? I've got a tree panel navigation on the left with content in the center. Also i got a FAQ button on the top of my page that loads a faq in the mainpanel,...
  10. First i used new Ext.Panel to render the page, and got the same problem as mentioned above. I just putted de new Ext.panel into a variable and call the Ext.Viewport afterwards, works great! thanks!:)
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