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  1. Well, thanks for all the responses XD
  2. I'm using this:

    combo.getStore().add({text: "text", value: "value"});



  3. I was searching the docs and can't found a consistent and easy way to change a combobox item list. I've used combo.getStore().add(...) and combo.getStore().removeAll() but the widget doesn't update....
  4. Sounds fine for an optimization in the algorithm, but what would be the difference in expected functionality?
  5. Perhaps a noob question...I have the following code:

    L = Ext.getCmp('combobox1');;'datachanged', function(){console.log('datachanged')});
    for (i in...
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    Hi everyone, we are currently using Ext JS 4.1.3 in production and Jenkins for CI. We are running a battery of functional tests using Selenium and producing a Cobertura coverage report, but it seems...
  7. Hi everybody... I have an application which uploads a file. It's working ok in Chrome and Firefox, but not in Opera(12.02)...

    The file is uploaded correctly(I've checked in the server) and the...
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