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  1. [FIXED] Blur() not fired when pressing tab

    Do you have fix for this issue in Extjs 4.1.3
  2. Minification issue in Sencha 2.3.2

    We are getting error while minification by using sencha version 2.3.2 to minify with sencha cmd version and ruby installler version 1.9.3.
    error is as below:
    [INF] Loading classpath...
  3. [CLOSED] Any Update on this...???

    Any Update on this...???
  4. [CLOSED] Hey just an add on.. its a combo box not text...

    Hey just an add on.. its a combo box not text field :)
  5. [CLOSED] Not able to change font color of empty text on text field

    Hi Team,

    I have tried giving colour to emptyText using . Its working fine on Internet Explorer but not on Chrome.
    Other properties eg. font-style is working fine on chrome but not the color for...
  6. Bar Chart Upper limit is not displayed

    I am trying to show uppermost value on Y-axis.If value is less than some limit it is not possible to display it.
    On Sencha docs link also we can see that value is not getting displayed...
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    I have attached the poc. Please save it as .js as...

    I have attached the poc. Please save it as .js as i was unable to upload it as zip. If you click the button in succession 6 times you will notice that it usually shows the alert written on its...
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    Unresponsiveness of buttons


    Sencha Touch - 2.1
    Devices - IPad, Android Tabs

    We are facing an issue of buttons being unresponsive. Out of every 10 taps 5 times the buttons don't go to tap event. We have to tap 4-5...
  9. [CLOSED] Disable Double click on value in Tree Panel

    In our application we are editing the cell using "RENAME button" and we only need to disable the editing using "Double Click".

    Is there any way to disable this "edit on double-click" feature?
  10. [CLOSED] Editing Plugin should have a config that disables edit on click


    I have a Tree Panel implementation. On double clicking the values, an editor opens just next to the value for renaming. I have a requirement to remove the editor. How can I remove the editor...
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    Can we have any response ????:">

    Can we have any response ????:">
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    removed the top section and Thickness must be less


    I put below code in index.html as :-
    <style type="text/css">
  13. The Column stacked chart is sometimes displayed upside down


    We have an implementation of column-stacked chart in one of the screens in our application, but when we navigate back to the screen having this column stack chart, the chart is displayed...
  14. from where to get Ext-Js 4.1.3 sprint

    Hi I want to upgrade to newer version of EXT-JS because of compatibility issues with IE. I am looking for Ext-Js 4.1.3 sprint, but I did not get any link to download this version.
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    Thanks, I found solution , which is working...


    I found solution , which is working fine in chrome and safari only , code as below :-
    css code :-

    ::-webkit-scrollbar {
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    Want to Change Scroll bar Look

    I am using grid of Extjs. I want to change the scroll bar of the grid using css or any property.
    Can some one help me for the same .

    Please find below image :-
    M using Extjs.4.1.3...
  17. Making minified using sencha command not able to get Ext.Element.getViewPortHeight()

    After making minified from sencha command (production/testing mode) I am able to run the application but in later part of my application it is giving Ext.Element.getViewportHeight().height...
  18. data and chart rendering problem in IE

    I am facing a strange issue in IE. I have a chart which is visible when I run IE with developer tool i.e. when it opens in debug mode. But my chart do not rendered when I am working with IE...
  19. copy to clipboard across browsers

    I want to implement "copy to clipboard" functionality cross browser(On IE8+, Chrome, Mozilla). As per my knowledge, any browser other than IE dose not allow this because of some security risks....
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    I am also getting the same error while generating...

    I am also getting the same error while generating the custom "ui".

    any solution ??
  21. [OPEN] Donut chart iteminfo interaction issue


    I am using ST 2.1.1 complete version.
    I have donut chart and when i tap on each field, iteminfo interaction works perfectly.
    But when I hide the fields via clicking on legends except one...
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    How carousel manages memory ?

    I have a carousel, in which there are two pages, when I swipe between page one and two the the memory decreases. i.e. so I want to know how carousel manages the memory ? is there any specific code or...
  23. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null - sencha cmd build


    I am facing the below error while executing all-classes.js file.
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null.

    The all-classes.js file is built after executing
  24. [NOREPRO] Line chart - Legend selection/deselection has no effect on line chart Y axis scaling

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.1Jan 6 nightly build
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 24.0.1312.56 (Windows)

    Line chart - Legend selection/deselection has no...
  25. How to bold a particular row of the grid in ext js

    Hi ,

    We have a requirement to set one particular row(s) of a grid in ext js to be set as bold. We searched for the grid options, but could not find a solution to it.
    How can we achieve this?

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