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  1. Not going in launch: function() of app.js

    I am also facing the same problem. Sencha production build is not working on internet explorer of HTC Windows 8x phone. I tried putting alerts and can conclude that the pointer never goes inside...
  2. Is that true while using production build as...

    Is that true while using production build as well?
    Is the geocongress application working fine for you?

    I am unable to get the...
  3. Problems in accessing the current location of user using Ext.util.Geolocation

    Hi All,
    I am working on an application which runs in a browser and get the current location of user.
    (A production build kept on a server and accessing it using the corresponding URL)
  4. Sencha 2.1: Selectfield picker functions inappropriately

    Hi All,
    I have a screen with following component.
    1. selectfield having many categories. (Hospitals, Schools, Parks etc)
    2. searchfield which enables search on the list item placed below it.
  5. iPhone 5: Application hangs at launch screen (Sencha 2.1)

    Hi All,
    We have developed an application using Sencha 2.1
    The application hangs at launch in following two scenarios.
    1. Switch ON the iPhone and launch the app (it remains on the loading screen...
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    { xtype: 'list', id: 'myList', ...

    xtype: 'list',
    id: 'myList',

    //use below two properties to change the default item height in sencha, default = 47
    variableHeights: false,
    itemHeight: 30,
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    Hey Tom, If you run your app on device, it will...

    Hey Tom,
    If you run your app on device, it will work properly without this "recognizer" error.
    I am getting the same error after implementing Troels fix for this issue.
    Can you please reply with...
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