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  1. Yes. This is the example I am referring to.

    Also in the Numeric Axis example, if runs without the onAxisLabelRender, each label in the X-axis renders with decimal values rapidly on each update. It...
  2. I have been examining the kitchen sink example code for the horizontal shift update and experimenting it myself.

    Correct me if I am wrong. From what I gather in order to achieve horizontal shift...
  3. I notice that the dashboard behaviour is unlike the ExtJs 4 portal demo. ExtJs 5/6 automatically removes an empty column. Personally, I prefer the ExtJs 4 way of managing portlets. Is there any...
  4. Replies
    FYI, I don't know what I did but I observed the following error in the Output tab. However, SA still seems working fine to me.


    [LOG] Build error for...
  5. Petr,

    FYI, you suggestion works. Now my Sencha Architect runs so much faster and less memory intensive. The issue of 'Restoring SDK' occurs with every save which increases the java memory...
  6. Will do. FYI. It's a pure ExtJs 6 project from scratch.
  7. Hi,

    In SA 3.5.1, I no longer can turn off the 'Enable web server' in Preferences. Is that the new policy? FYI, I can switch off in SA 3.5.0.

  8. I notice something similar. Every time I either save or do a production build, the title of 'Output' tab becomes 'Restoring SDK ...' and it hangs for a good 5 - 7 secs before I can get any control...
  9. Hi,

    I have managed to build the project in production successfully. I copied the files from production directory to another machine. The web application loads perfectly fine but I notice there...
  10. Actually, I lied. I didn't fix the problem, I bypass the problem with sencha.cfg


    Here is app.json

    "name": "NeOne",
  11. I managed to fix this by manually editing the app.json. Somehow redundant entries in app.json are created.
  12. Thanks for the new SA 3.5.1. It is a lot more stable with Sencha Cmd and java is no longer spinning.

    However, I have included quite a few external js files in my project (Draw2D). It works fine...
  13. Is there going to be an update coming soon for SA 3.5 to address issue with Sencha Cmd?

    My SA 3.5 on OSX 10.9.5 is badly broken, i.e. I can't build production and can't publish reliably especially...
  14. I have tried both and Both the same, SA 3.5 have problem communicating with Cmd.
  15. I can't do production build.
    SA doesn't work well with Sencha Cmd, 'Null Exception' and other errors.
    Testing build - my project uses Triton theme. Some publish uses Crisp theme, another publish...
  16. Unfortunately, I have started the project on Sencha Architect 3.5 (ExtJs 6).
  17. It's ok. I got it sorted. I should use 'Store.root.appendChild' to change the tree dynamically.
  18. I have spent more than half of my development time trying to work around with issues Sencha Architect 3.5 and ExtJs 6. Maybe it's my installation, hardware, setup.

    Is there anyway I can move the...
  19. Ok, so far in order to display the tree with calls (and without tree corruption). I have to do the following:

    store.load(); ---- or (store.load(data) whereas store.loadData...
  20. This is so strange with autoLoad setting to false

    enter "store.reload();" or "store.load();" at the browser console, the tree panel flashes but no tree is shown.

    However, if I start the tree...
  21. I think this is a bug.

    If I put the data into a json file and configure the store to load it, everything works fine.

    The problem occurs when configuring the tree with Store.loadData or...
  22. I am using Sencha Architect 3.5 with Ext 6. The tree grid doesn't seem working properly. I have setup a simple tree view app.

    When I issued the following code on the browser console. I can see the...
  23. It takes a long time with 'Initializing Cmd...' tab with a spinning icon. The tab content is empty. The menu bar is all greyed out.

    Here is the log tab

    Here is the process table, not...
  24. Sencha Architect 3.5

    When I added and edit a function in the root node 'Application' from the Project Inspector, I got an Uncaught TypeError.

  25. First, click on the published button doesn't work. I have to launch 'sencha app watch' on one terminal and use the browser on 'http://localhost:1841' instead of the published path. Sencha Architect...
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