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  1. Oh, i didn't know that there wasn't a slpascreen feature in android.
    about your comment, i did try just put image instead of the default animator from sencha default, but even that didn't apperar......
  2. Sucess!

    nice job, download, install. build native.. click tel link... (drum roll android).... IT WORKS!

    thanks guys.. only think missing is splashcreen in android, but the workaround works....
  3. just wanted to leave my feedback that the workaround off adding the image to the head works. tested with the latest versions of sdk stbuild and android api 10.
    but this doesn't mean that this issue...
  4. hitted this roadblock right now.. fine its a bug that should be solved .. a

    any updates?
  5. i can report i have the same issue, the map pans to the center (default location) like if it sometime of timeout i removed the useDefaultLocation to solve it. and i handle my own geolocation.
    sdk rc...
  6. "Real artists ship!"

    come one guys..
  7. i struggle with similiar issues when i specfy the animations on the config of a view.. i remove that animations from the config and it works..
  8. The silence from the sencha team is terrible...

  9. humm.. going to test this today...

    btw is there any offical response by sencha?
  10. Cordova 1.6.1 fixes this issue.
  11. oh.. ok i was missing that window ... Thanks!

    i indeed worked it out also with['controllername'].loginDone(myRequest.responseText);
  12. What s the recommended way to invoke a method in my main controller from anywhere in js without worrying about scope?!
    Should I use routes for that?
  13. i think this is a bug, i have the same problem..

    but in my case, this code works in testing..

    and breaks with getPageBox of null when i build in production mode.

  14. this works great better if you are doing infinite scroll.. imo

    when the user is in the end of the list, we check if we have a next link.. if we do.. we load that link.. what i m missing now is...
  15. ok so to get that info i did:

    config: { autoLoad: true, model: 'Remax.model.Angariacao', nextPage: null,
    currentTotal: null} listeners: { load: function...
  16. Did u get this working?

    looks you are handling a odata feed.. i m using that too..
    wouldn't be asier to just use the next link that's in the feed?
  17. in the HEAd ?

    this doesn't work for me.. this issue isn't fixed... !
  18. It works. :)

    "bundleSeedId" inlower caps was also a problem, and i was missing the id.. somebody should stiy a post with this details and this stbuild ...

    IT also worked in "Release" and...
  19. I installed this stbuild updated tool, i try to build using :

    sencha app build native

    and i get this error:

    [INFO] Packaging your application as a native app...
    [INFO] Required field is...
  20. You have a error there James, right? you wanted to say.. "aren't supported at this time" right?

    I m having the same issue, still didn't spend to much time, i think i will just try to get the raw...
  21. Replies
    btw i solved the problem with a workaround if someone is in the same situation.

    I define a xtype for my panel, and then created this way

    var detailCard = Ext.widget('detailpanel');
  22. Replies
    I m having some issues too when building in production.. in development all works well..

    for example this code to crate a new view on item tap

    onItemTap: function (list, index,...
  23. well for me the android build worked ok in the latest sdk and tools, online the native ios is broken.
    No workaround from the sencha team?
  24. Any update on this issue?
  25. my app works with cordova 1.5 and sencha 2.0.1 with no problem.
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