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  1. We have created a Sencha Touch 2 Slider Field component with dynamic Input field:


    Code Repository

    Usage Instructions
  2. Can you provide a sample View code which worked for you?

    I tried to use the Energy App and other examples provided with Touch Charts Beta 2 but got Errors like the following:
  3. How to use Touch Charts 2 Beta with Microloader in the Sencha Touch 2 development environment?

    I have tried copying the src directory of Touch-Charts-2 Beta to the sdk/src, tried including...
  4. What would be the best way to include 3rd party components into a Sencha Touch 2 App?

    For example I want to add the 3rd party component into a...
  5. On a Sencha Touch 2 app, I tried to use the drag event for a field with xtype 'sliderfield', but it did not work. But DragStart, Drag and DragEnd works perfectly fine for xtype 'slider'.

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