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  1. Here's a related question: how do I prevent an event from bubbling? Kind of like e.stopPropagation() for DOM events. This is a VERY needed feature.
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    Actually, it's a little more than just a matter of style.

    The "same line braces" way is preferred in JavaScript in order to avoid some quirks with Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI).

  3. One of the things I am still struggling with is preventing Ext from setting width and height and other CSS properties to Panel's body element, this sometimes overrides my styles.

    The manageHeight...
  4. I am specifying layout: 'auto' on components. However a lot of stuff is still happening.
  5. Sorry, I actually overlooked this :"> The issue is still relevant and it seems like Ext is making pure CSS layout more and more difficult to achieve with every new version.

    I opened a very...
  6. I have an ExtJS application with highly customized appearance that is mostly defined by CSS. I have multiple forms throughout the app that are dynamically configured when they load records.
  7. @mitchellsimoens could you elaborate your answer a little bit?

    The FocusManager is disabled by default (Ext 4.1) however form field components are still focusable and keyboard navigation is...
  8. It's difficult to get Ext's layout mechanism completely out of the way but I found it helpful to use Ext's auto layout in similar cases, possibly overriding some layout-related methods on components.
  9. It does indeed! Thanks for noticing.

    However you should add overflow: auto; to viewport element if you want the scrollbars to appear. Here's a simple override that sets the style only when...
  10. So far StackOverflow seems to be more helpful:
    Extjs combobox: hide selected value from dropdown list

    I was suggested a solution that remove()'s the selected record in the 'select' event handler...
  11. Hi everyone!

    I'm surprised this hasn't been asked previously, but is there a way I can hide currently selected value from combo's dropdown list?

    Currently the combobox works like this (taken...
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    I faced the same issue and found out that hideHeaders only hides the header component, it's still there but has zero height. Why there's no way to PREVENT the header component from being created? I...
  13. Answering my own question.

    This implementation:
    return (this.snapshot || {
    return record.getId() === id;

    allows us to use strict comparison for...
  14. Here is a simple override that I suggest, still don't know if there are any caveats...

    Ext.override(, {
    getById: function(id) {
    return (this.snapshot ||;...
  15. It used to be like that in Ext 3 but for some mysetrious reason this was changed in Ext 4.0 and remains in Ext 4.1.

    So this is how Store.getById() currently looks like in 4.x:

  16. This still isn't fixed in 4.1, please make it happen, I think it's an important issue, there are cases where you don't want to use Readers.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Ext 4.1
  18. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Ext 4.1
    Looks like an old bug popped out again. The problem is the same as here:...
  19. Thanks for pointing out! I suggest to continue the discussion on github.

    I opened a couple of issues:
    Allow tab reordering
    Implement keyboard shortcut for cycling through tabs
  20. No, this seems to be a browser shortcut equivalent to history back/forward buttons.
  21. It's probably not important in cases when you do a quick look at the docs and then get back to your code but history navigation is very convenient if you want to spend more time with the docs,...
  22. I've never seen (and used) BF buttons in an IDE that would cycle through tabs, normally there's a special keyboard shortcut to switch between tabs, like ctrl + (tab/shift+tab) or ctrl + (pgup/pgdn)...
  23. I do not agree. In most cases the browser back & forward buttons should have the same semantics in a web application as in normal web pages: take the user back and forward through his navigation...
  24. Thanks for quick reply!

    You are right, this indeed can work. However I'm afraid there will be some extra overhead from initializing complete animation routine compared to the "shortcut" way if...
  25. I was actually afraid to get such response... It is not the same! The opacity property of an element applies not only to its background, but to its entire contents too! Here is a quick illustration:...
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