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  1. Anyone?
  2. I have installed 2.2.1 and am experiencing the exact same symptoms. :-/
  3. Using Ext 2.0.2

    I have a static tree that is loaded with json on page load. The tree is large, but not crazy huge - it has about 1,000 nodes total, the deepest ones being about 3 levels deep.
  4. I have changed the server to return a Json string instead of XML, and changed the store to use a JsonReader instead of an XmlReader. Now it works in IE.

    This is good news, however it still bothers...
  5. It's passed in. The grid is setup within an outter function like:

    function initializeGrid(divId, columnInfo, dataUrl) {

    // var store = new{ .....
    // var grid = new...
  6. Here is the one sentence version if you have an idea...
    In the store object, if I replace the line
    url: dataUrl, with a direct link to an XML file like this: proxy: new{url:...
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    another example

    // normal tree setup crap

    function disabledTheNode(node, event) {
    if (!node.disabled) {
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    This code was a lifesaver, thank you gnaegi!

    I noticed that some of my nodes were not expanding on restore and I think I know why. The loop that expands all the nodes saved in the state calls...
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