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    In the HttpProxy and ScriptTagProxy classes, the load method reads

    This set off a whole chain of confusion that took some time to untangle.

    {@doRequest} should be {@link #doRequest}
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    Also in the API documentation, but not here:


    load: Deprecated in favor of doRequest, which has a different method signature
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    Not sure if we're documenting changes to private properties and methods, but here goes...



    The reference to the button that animates while loading and can be...
  4. Is this issue being addressed?
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    A variation of Ext.layout.ColumnLayout, that requires less code and adds the following extra features:

    Control over the placement order and tab order of the controls
    Automatic gutters (i.e.,...
  6. When using a NumberField in IE8 or Chrome or Opera 10, I can type the following symbols: !#$%&(

    In Safari 4.0.3 for Windows, NumberField appears to allow any character.

    I don't see...
  7. We recently added a doctype to our pages to encourage IE8 to use standards mode, and noticed it affected positioning of the checkbox labels, especially in a CheckboxGroup (see attachment:...
  8. Thanks!
  9. You'll need to trace through your code to see if, intentionally or not, your code or Ext is converting the type of the data being sent back, explicitly or implicitly. For example ( 1 * "2345" ) will...
  10. Yes, this should probably go in the Help forum. :)

    It appears Javascript has a limit of 2^53 on the size of a number before it loses precision, i.e., the number becomes an approximate value rather...
  11. While trying to find memory leaks in our application, I ran across a bug in the Ext.layout.BorderLayout.Region and Ext.layout.BorderLayout.SplitRegion classes. The miniCollapsedEl and collapsedEl...
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    Sorry, I've had trouble logging in to the forum for some time and haven't been able to respond.

    Are you trying to change the look of TabFolder to match the image? If so, a better approach would...
  13. Fantastic, thanks!
  14. I have a form that has a date field that has a minValue dynamically set to a value pulled out of a related record. I ran into a problem where after using the date picker, even if nothing was picked,...
  15. When I use a collapsible fieldset that is initially collapsed and has a column layout, the column positioning is messed up the first time the fieldset is expanded:

    If I collapse and expand...
  16. Oops. Missed the drag-and-drop:

    Ext.override(Ext.Window, {
    stateEvents: ["resize", "move"],
    handleResize: function (box) {
    var rz = this.resizeBox;
    if (rz.x !=...
  17. I am trying to have a stateful window only save state when the window is hidden, but the window always saves state on resize, regardless of your stateEvents. Below is a proposed fix, which makes it...
  18. +1 for fixing this issue...I just ran into it today.

    I ended up solving the issue by not using collapsed: true in the initial config, but rather collapsing the panel after rendering, without...
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    Class: Ext.Action

    Lists isDisabled as a property, when it's actually a function. You can guess what happens when you try to treat it as a property. ;)
  20. I'd start by removing code that isn't really necessary for the grid editor. Can't say for certain that this will have any effect whatsoever, but at least you can rule something out. :)

  21. A code snippet of your column model would help.

    "Too much recursion" means you have some circular chain of events or function calls. I've done this before with event listeners that call a method...
  22. You'd need to play with the dom yourself.

    var mi = Ext.getCmp("my-menu-item");
    mi.getEl().createChild({tag: "img", src: "/my/big/pic.jpg"});

    I'm trying to picture what you're doing, and...
  23. Like an icon?

    If you use Ext.Action to build your menu items, you could use the setIconClass() method to toggle the icon when the user clicks the button.
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    You won't need to write code to call it. See the source of GroupingStore if you want to know more.
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    Please don't reply to your post multiple times a day to keep it on the front page. Wait a couple of days. Support on this forum is provided on a largely volunteer basis, so it's a good idea not to...
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