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  1. The code didn't work for me, what did you do to make it works?
  2. I know there is no double tap event on Ext.Button but when I tried to double tap on it, the layout crashed and have to refresh the page to return to normal.
    How can I prevent this ? I want only the...
  3. Do you mean the code I provided is fine? The problem occurs because session storage already exceed the limit?

    I tried to remove everything from the local/session storage, but the code still can't...
  4. My app runs okay under both iPad and iPhone. However, the app is unable to display the home page on iPad’s Safari when the Private Browsing option is turn on.

    Is it restricted by Sencha?
  5. I have created some session storage which share the same business flow.
    I don't know why some of them work but some don't.
    (Is it possible if the model contains date type so it wont' work? because...
  6. Have you figured out the answer yet?
    I am facing the same problem now. Can anyone provide help?
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    I solved it by


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    I would like to have two stores, one retrieves records according to user's request and once the records are retrieved, copy all the records to another store.

    I have tried the following code which...
  9. Thanks. It seems that the problem caused by css of x-toolbar-title.
  10. 32085

    Can anyone please help with the above screen on ipad? I didn't do any adjustment on the message box but suddenly it went to a wrong position. It should be aligned in center...
  11. Everything seems ok after I reboot the developing machine and ipad on the next day.
    It is weird because I have cleaned up all local storage and cookies on both environments but still couldn't get...
  12. Would you please explain what kind of problem it is? I encounter the same problem and can't get it work.
  13. My web app works everything fine in safari. I have added the app to home screen on ipad but when I tried to load from a store, the error occurs. Anyone help?
  14. Is there any way I can retrieve the list below the selectfield? so that I can set active index on the list?
  15. I tried but it doesn't work also.
  16. Is there any way to check the item in selectfield using index?I know it is possible to check the item by select.setValue('something'), but it doesn't work in my case.I have a select field which...
  17. I found this nice plugin that I don't need to implement everything by myself. It really make my life easier.
  18. Seems I finally figured out the problem.

    I defined a local store in the view and setting autoLoad to be true causing the error. I removed the line and seems okay now.

    Thank you all for the...
  19. I didn't use store.load for member store in the code, I did it the same way as you. Define a model instance, add record manually to the store but I call getCount() method on pageload. Does it cause...
  20. Still can't fix the problem. Can anyone help?
  21. Thanks for the great plug-in, it is really nice and helpful.

    I can't get the viewer work if I am using the store. I am storing the image path as 'Path' in the store and assign the store to the...
  22. I have got a pdf file stored as binary image in SQL server and would like to load it via ajax call (or any other that would make it work) and display in the view or in a new window? How can I do...
  23. Thanks for the reply.

    The response text from the request always put within an xml tag. How can I retrieve the actual return value only? I need "{"return":true,"msg":"0000000125"}" only instead of...
  24. I am using web service in to develop a web app.

    Is there any method to pass an boolean and a string message together in an Ajax request?
    I used to write code in this way and most of the...
  25. Thanks for the reply. This is what I have in the model.

    Ext.regModel('Member', {
    idProperty: 'Id',
    fields: [
    { name: 'Id', type: 'int'},
    { name: 'ResLogin', type:...
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