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  1. hi

    basically this misalignment appear at time of zoom in and zoom out.

    when zoom go to 90% or 75% this misalignment appear

    before changing resolution(zoom is 100%):-

  2. Hi
    I am facing issue of misalignment of column.
    i have used auto width property for column and when i change resolution columns get misaligned.
    like when resolution is 100 then no problem . but...
  3. Hi Scott,

    Let me check with this....thanks :)
  4. We have around 7500 records in the tree and it is taking 10 -15 seconds to load. Cant we load it like infinite scroll grid?
  5. Hi,
    Can we have infinite scrolling for tree grid? If yes, how should send "start" and "limit" parameters as I have added "pageSize "and "buffered: true" config?
    Is there any other option ,if...
  6. When I add new record , I have records in drop down as I am sending ajax on add button. But it seems renderer function is not returning output. It is not issue of auto inc id , sometimes find()...
  7. Hi,

    I have added combo box in grid column :

    text : 'Account Name',
    flex : 1,
    sortable : false,
  8. Here is code below..

    I have tried using this css also

    .x-grid3-header {position: relative;}

    .x-grid3-header-offset {width: auto;}

    Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
  9. I am using Ext Js 4.1.0 . When I click on grid row, grid column header and toolbar gets disappeared.I have used "forceFit:true" and "stateful:true" also,but it did not make any difference. I have...
  10. How we can refresh / reload single node of tree store? We have used most of the methods which we found on the net, yet we have not got the solution.
  11. Hi,
    I have simple grid panel. When I edit row , suddenly column headers disappears with toolbar.
    I have also checked with "forceFit:true" and "stateful:true" properties.

    How can I get rid of...
  12. Hi,
    I am using htmleditor and want to add right click menu in it. I am able to get context menu, but it doesn't long beyond 1 min . Please tell how can I show it forever.

    Below is code used:...
  13. Now,I have added following code after grid code ,so grid has rendered already.

    grid.on('viewready', function(){
  14. I have added same code , but I am getting error as "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getComponent' of undefined "

    What I suppose to do?
  15. How to upload multiple files in Ext Js 4.1 ?? Please provide ux files for it.
  16. Hello,
    I want to upload multiple files. I am using xtype as "filefield" ,but I am able to upload only one file using that. Is there anyway to upload multiple files ,other than awesomeuploader.
  17. I want to select all records from combo box on click of 1 st item in drop down.
    Please help as early as possible.
    Thanks in advance.
  18. How to select all records of combobox forcefully??
  19. I got the solution, by using following:

    var store = Ext.getCmp('comboMasterEast').getStore();
    var record = store.getById(comboMasterEast.getValue());...
  20. Hi,
    I have combo box which contains list of projects. I want "text" of selected record.
    I used this:
    but gives me its ID ,instead of that I...
  21. If I use '
    itemclick' instead of select, it doesnt perform anything. Means on click of tree node I am enabling tab panels and few buttons. "itemclick" might not be an option
  22. ProjecttreePanel.getSelectionModel().on('select',function(selModel, record)
    if (record.get('leaf')||!record.get('root')) {
  23. I am not checking anyhing. I have tree panel ,on its node click (i.e Left click) certain actions are performing. But on right click on tree panel node , menu list appears. So,at the moment of right...
  24. I am using itemcontextmenu and I want to ignore left click when I right click for menu.Is there anything like event.preventdefalult();..
  25. I have few menus(copy,paste,add) on right click of tree node and on left click it loads tree grid in tab panel.
    But problem is ,when I right click on a node it also send ajax request to database.So,...
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