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  1. Hi Condor,
    FOA, Thanks for the wonderful extension.
    I am using AsynchTristateNodeUI as below:
    The problem is during render I literally need to expand and collapse nodes to make the
    parent node...
  2. oh yeah.
    I dont suppose there will be a problem disabling it.
    I think IE is the culprit - for it fails to remove some dead DOM elements.
  3. Could you try disabling the garbage collector:

    Ext.enableGarbageCollector = Ext.isIE
  4. Sure. Also, the thing is import statements won't undergo frequent changes.
  5. Emitted from Java right? If so, I suppose the front end is more closely coupled with Java. Since, you may need to compile every time you change the script imports.
  6. One more thing I would like to know is -
    What are the best practices to place javascripts in various folders?
    i.e On what criteria is it advisable to place them in different folders.

    For eg:...
  7. @azuroff Thanks for the pointer.

    I am pretty much confused which one to go for - JAWR/JSLINT4JAVA/JSbuilder2/Quilt.

    Will post you once I analyze all of them.

  8. @Animal: Blame it on my ignorance/impatience. I imagined jsb2 as some sort of file that ext designer creates. Got enlightened a bit from:...
  9. @hat27533: Thx a lot! JAWR looks great and it seems the one I wanted.

    @scarsick: Ofcourse JSBuilder2 is! Since we are yet to use ext designer, jsbuilder2 cannot be used, atleast now. I suppose...
  10. I would like to know about the best practices in JS packaging in a web application.
    Right now, we have many JS files used in our web application. All under a single js folder.
    We would like to have...
  11. Replies
    The above issue seems to get fixed with:

    onChange: function () {
    // *** add ***
    var t =,
    s = this.pageSize;
  12. Replies
    When my data is empty, paging tool bar incorrectly displays the current page number.
    In my case it displays : Page 2 of 1.

    Is there anything I am missing out?
  13. data config will provided by the instances using this xtype
  14. I have comboxes in my page with lazyInit:true.
    Few of these comboboxes are dynamic(They are rendered dynamically using card layout).

    In IE 8, I get the following error randomly while clicking a...
  15. Thx for the reply, animal.
    But in my case, the container I am having can add/delete dynamic rows(each row in turn is a container)
    For brevity, I didnt post the complete Dataslot filter object code....
  16. I have a Container with a resizer attached to the south. This container is placed in the first of the 2 divs in the page.
    The second div has a grid panel.
    All is fine until I resize the page.
  17. Hi webbbret
    I am too facing the issue even in 3.2.2

    Do you have any fix/workaround?

    (Sorry for troubling you with your old thread!)
  18. Thanks a ton, Doug!
  19. Hi Doug,
    Can we have the null check?
  20. @Jan
    I suppose you are using the latest version of miframe.
    In that case, you can try initializing ManagedIFrame Element as:

    var mif = new Ext.ux.ManagedIFrame.Element(id);
  21. I have a 'load' listener configured to the document body.
    This listener loads an iframe(which was initialized as a blank page) inside the body.

    During page unload, the following error happens in...
  22. Just to notify a very minor issue.

    I am using Windows XP, Designer - xds-
    I am not able to open an xds file in the designer by double-clicking it.
    Doing so, opens a blank Designer...
  23. YE-AY!! cool!
  24. Replies
    Sounds good! Will try it for sure
  25. Hi
    I feel it is good to have confirmation alerts while deleting/removing things like
    -removing a field mapping in a jsonstore. If the user by chance clicks the remove button, the field gets...
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