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  1. Evan,

    Your example does not work, if A is a base Ext class, and B, C, D are custom extensions of that.

    B instanceof A will return true.

    C instanceof B
    D instanceof C
    D instanceof B
  2. Sencha -

    What is the status of this?

    We reported this issue about 9 months ago or more, and it was acknowledged as a bug with a memory leak in the Chart package. When destroy ) is called on a...
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    Sven/GXT team -

    This is an ongoing issue.

    I'm not sure that Sven's comment "Yes, you get the response in that event" is accurate.

    When I look at the event, in resultHtml I see something like...
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    In GXT 3.0.0, it looks like the Surface.getSprites() method was removed.

    This method, in prior versions like RC, returned a SpriteList object, which had a clear() method():

  5. I have spent a couple of days trying to get XmlReader and AutoBeans to work reading in XML generated by our application server. I've seen now that the DomQuery class fails with namspace-prefixed...
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    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the reply on this.

    We recently installed teh GXT RC2 build, and now see some behavior that shows further problems related to this issue.

    Please take a look at this:
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    I agree that the proposed "solutions" are absolutely not solutions, and that those workarounds could be characterized as hacks.

    The more important point here is what a standard and reasonable...
  8. Hi Darrell,

    You had mentioned a mobile/touch version of GXT earlier.

    It seems as though GXT 3.0 is very close, can you give any indication ro roadmap on the Touch version?

    Don P.
  9. But, the form object docs say that it does support headers.

    doAction( String/Object actionName, [Object options] ) : BasicForm
    Performs a predefined action (Ext.form.Action.Submit or...
  10. In 1.0.2, a new css-debug directory has been added.

    However, in the css directory, there still exists the file: sencha-touch-debug.css
    That file is not a debug version of the css, it is the...
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    15,850 Originally Posted by RobinQu
    I've been play around with Sencha Touch recently,...
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    I don't kno if this question was asked before, but I didn't see a reply...

    Is this UX compatible with Sencha Touch?
    I don't know if the ext.core and jQuery libraries are part of Sencha Touch, so...
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    This question was asked before, but I didn't see a reply...

    Is this UX compatible with Sencha Touch?
    I don't know if the ext.caore and jQuery libraries are part of Sencha Touch, so I can't...
  14. Sencha Touch version tested:1.0.1

    Platform tested against:

    Desktop browser - Safari and Chrome
    []iOS 3.x
    []iOS 4
    []Android 2.1
  15. In the 1.0.1 Sencha Touch API docs, I see that a new entry was added for Ext.Dispatcher. In the Ext.Dispatcher doc, it references Ext.Router:

    "It is usually invoked either by a UI event handler...
  16. This is a pretty fair question.

    Sencha produces several libraries designed to implement large-scale enterprise applications. These applications often consist of discrete areas of functionality,...
  17. I am using a TreePanel inside a ContentPanel.

    When I view the TreePanel in FireFox all is well - if I expand nodes and the tree height grows larger or wider than the ContentPanel, scrollbars...
  18. I am a new GXT user, and am implementing a TreePanel.

    I've implemented the RPC data source using a reader that produces BeanModel items for the tree nodes. The implementation works fine when the...
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