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  1. If you add your html5 app to desktop using 'add to home screen' on iOS (and similar on android), is there a way to detect if your app was launched using this home screen shortcut icon?

    I don't...
  2. Crap, I posted it in the wrong forum, should 've been posted in Sencha Touch 2. A moderator might want to move this :-)
  3. Hello,

    This question is not necessarily a Sencha issue, yet the discussion would be interesting nonetheless, so here goes.

    Consider a link to a different site, using a button, like so:

  4. Thanks that solved it!
  5. Hello,

    I populate a Ext.list from a store. In essence the datastructure of the jsonP service is a list of shops, with nested 'items'. In my list of items (no matter which shops), i use the...
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    That did the trick thanks!
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    Hello, I have the following component, a media carousel with a toolbar on top:

    Ext.define('MarktBuzz.view.components.MediaCarousel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype : 'mediacarousel',
  8. thanks, though i actually want it to be a html5 app, not necessarily package it to native (yet). Does it mean we have to have two different versions, one using ext.util, and one using ext.device?
  9. Hello, when I run

    sencha app build production

    Half way through, this is happening:
  10. Solved it. Somehow the list was set to hidden:true according to inspecting the object.

    Somehow removing the fullscreen: true on the list object fixed it:

    So my list code is now like this (got...
  11. Okay, now I restructured the whole project with the new command line tool, generated a new app, and then pasted my code back in. Now it shows tabpanel with two panes.

    Now the problem is that the...
  12. Hello,

    Our little app used to work in the previous 2.0 Beta, but since the RC I keep getting a white screen. The console does not give me any errors. Also, the main view is, according to the...
  13. Thanks that worked great! So, should the docs of Operation be updated? Because it still talks abou filters / sorters.
  14. Thanks for your quick response.

    We don't add it to the Store because the filtering/sorting is done on the server behind the proxy.

    So we want Sencha to make a GET request like this:...
  15. Hello,

    I am using the following Store, in combination with the following Operation to fetch data from a proxy (fetch_proxy.php). The sorters and filters array should add parameters to the url of...
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