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  1. I've seen Maven corrupt the image files on a build. Are you using Maven?

    This is a known bug in Maven. This was the final straw that moved us back to ant.
  2. I've found some stuff here and there, but none of it seems to be working properly. It appears that I should be creating an interface that extends ClientBundle, but it simply doesn't show up when I...
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    So, in this example, what's "settings"? Is that the ID of the text component?
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    I found this link:

    But it doesn't seem to work under 2.25. How can I set up a click event on a Text object in 2.25?
  5. That was it. I was mixing GWT EXT and GXT components without realizing it. That fixed the problem. Thanks for the help!B)
  6. I have a new Ubuntu dist with Eclipse and Window Builder Pro. I downloaded the latest gwt ext because I worked with this before.

    I created new Gxt Window and changed the name, and the layout for...
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