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  1. [OPEN] Still broken in 6.2.0, 6.2.1, 6.5.0, and 6.5.2.

    Still broken in 6.2.0, 6.2.1, 6.5.0, and 6.5.2.
  2. [OPEN] (Classic) documentation shows incorrect version

    The online and offline documentation for in Classic is showing the documentation inherited from Ext.Component instead of the proper version:...
  3. This regard. Error on my part.

    This regard. Error on my part.
  4. [DUP] Ext.grid.filters.filter.Boolean incorrectly uses '==' instead of '=' for operator

    ExtJS 6.2.* and later uses '==' as the value for operator in Ext.grid.filters.filter.Boolean where it has previously always been '='. This breaks remote filtering as the serialization is now...
  5. [CLOSED] CheckboxGroup initialization crashes when initComponent is used

    When initComponent() is used for a checkboxgroup, it will crash on initialization.

    Content of initComponent() seems irrelevant; crashes even with no-op override.
  6. Still present in v3.1.2.342

    Still present in v3.1.2.342
  7. [CLOSED] does nothing if remoteFilter is true (ext-4.2.1) in 4.2.1 is a noop if remoteFilter is true.

    From source code:

    * Removes an individual Filter from the current {@link #property-filters filter set}...
  8. [CLOSED] Yes please. Thanks.

    Yes please.

  9. [CLOSED] 'datachanged' event fires before new nodes are registered


    When listening to 'datachanged' from, the event is fired before any eventual calls to happens. This means, in the listener...
  10. Inclusion works with the given...

    Inclusion works with the given minimal-reproduction case if I include the //@define directive: claspath is not the issue.

    "app build" still relies on "compile". Using the former over the latter is...
  11. We'd like (at least some of) the libraries to get...

    We'd like (at least some of) the libraries to get compiled in as well. Including it separately is non-ideal, although probably workable.

    This doesn't solve the extending the library case, though:...
  12. Specify source files for non-ExtJS classes on command line

    Sencha CMD provides a //@define directive for specifying source files that create objects not using ExtJS objects. This is, unfortunately, proving to be inadequate for our migration to CMD as we have...
  13. Yes please. Thank you.

    Yes please. Thank you.
  14. Ah, I missed the other forum. Yes please....

    Ah, I missed the other forum.

    Yes please. Thanks.
  15. Sencha CMD: compile exclude doesn't appear to work for files pulled in by classpath

    We are using Ext.ux.Router in our application. This package contains examples and test code which contain a partial copy of ExtJS that causes sencha compile to fail with a circular dependency:

  16. Sencha CMD: Response file parsing treats lines as tokens, not by concatenating

    When using response files with Sencha CMD it treats each line as argument items, and not by effectively concatenating the lines into the final argument. This makes it such that you must provide each...
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