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  1. Guys,

    What is the proper way to use an existing IDE with Sencha Architect. On the website it says:

    However, I'm nervous about making changes to the code because I know that sencha...
  2. I abandoned use of the deployment wizard and moved to PhoneGap. No problems.
  3. Mine is installed at:


    I installed it from the Mac App Store and I don't...
  4. I'm trying to test out the native packaging of Sencha Touch and I'm having an interesting problem.

    On the Deploy Project dialog (See attached), the iOSSimulator installed is false. I can't see a...
  5. I just sent the email.

    Also, I tested it on the latest build 311, and the error is still happening.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jeff Schwartz
  6. I am having the same problem and it is preventing me from finishing my application.

    I can repeat the process every time. I figured it was easier to show you the error so I did a quick 2minute...
  7. Thanks for the information.
  8. I replaced the JS file with the one from Sencha touch B3 and the problem went away.

    Still interested to know how to manage the version of sencha touch in Sencha designer...

  9. I'm using Sencha Designer.

    My designer.html file includes the following sencha touch file:

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  10. Guys,

    I've been creating my first application using Sencha Touch 2 Beta 3 and Sencha Designer 2.

    I have a map, that the user can selectively decide if they want it to follow their current...
  11. +1 for this. It makes it very hard to debug without actual line numbers.
  12. Replies

    I'm new to Sencha Designer. I've been playing around with Sencha Touch 2 since Developer Preview 1.

    What is the appropriate way to create a helper / utility class. A class that is not...
  13. Replies
    If device profiles will not be supported until somewhere in the 2.x timeline, and there is not a way to manually add profiles, then what is the best way to create multi-device apps with Sencha Touch...
  14. Minor bug in the XmlReader documentation.

    The "occupation" tag below is closed with the "name" tag.

    See below

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