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  1. I'm moving this to the Ext JS 3 forum as this is not relevant to Ext JS 4+ (use dockedItems to hold multiple docked toolbars)
  2. I down-voted you (and there is no way to unvote) as I disagreed with what you said quite a bit. As Steve has replied to what you said, that book has a ton more than what Jay has in his book and the...
  3. I just submitted a fix (still to be accepted) that will fix this. I fixed it as:

    onClearIconTap: function(input, e) {
    this.fireEvent('clearicontap', this, input, e);

    The reason I...
  4. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  5. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

    While these issues should get fixed, this should not affect actual devices.
  6. I'm kind of thinking this is a Chrome issue. If you inspect the DOM, all the DOM nodes for the chart is there, laid out correctly, styles are what they should be. Looking at the DOM by itself, there...
  7. Any of the Jetbrains products along with the new Sencha plugin!
  8. Support subscribers have access in the support portal
  9. This bug has been fixed in the latest Touch nightly (as well as Ext JS 6). We have made no statement that Sencha Touch is abandoned, saying so is only speculation. We don't have a Touch team but we...
  10. Thanks for the report. A bug has been opened for this.
  11. You would have to create your own. It'd be easy to render a NestedList in there, the issue you would have to figure out is finding the node of the value and showing that node when the NestedList is...
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    This bug also affects Ext JS 6 and both Ext JS 6 and Sencha Touch 2 have been fixed as part of the EXTJS-17517 bug.
  13. Major reason for me is its built with ruby and doesn't actually belong to anyone internal. Cmd is a great platform to host something in this arena so there wouldn't be any dependency to install.
  14. Appreciate it too! Guess I am too used to being beat up all the time.
  15. Of course not, will just use the JSDuck like we have been
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  18. Just a reminder that Ext JS 3 end of life is 6/1/2015. If you buy an extended maintenance and support subscription for Ext JS 3 by 6/30/2015, your service will be good until 12/31/2016 -- at no...
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    While this is true, don't use a framework if you don't need to, you are also forgetting about one important thing: maintenance. Ext JS highly suggests a file structure and it's API is the same...
  20. Also, this is a duplicate of this thread:
  21. We had changed the way we deploy to CDN and will be changing it soon. For the short term, we have put 5.1.1 in fiddle as the changes we made recently did not allow time for our tools to catch up.
  22. Currently the NestedList should be used to display a tree format. We are working on feature parity between the toolkits so it's possible the tree panel will make it to the modern API but no release...
  23. How are you doing the parse? Are you specifying a format?
  24. That's not have JavaScript works, the launch method isn't executed yet, it's just defined. Put that code within the launch method or somewhere after the launch method has executed.
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    Depends what you are extending.
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