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  1. Got it to work!

    Just had to remove the new ActiveXObject() line and refresh the project and it worked.
  2. Issues trying to launch ActiveXObject in ExtJS 5

    I have been trying to launch Quantel media player in ExtJS 5. So far I am able to get the video screen to appear inside of a viewport using this

    items:[{ //id:'QMedia',
  3. Does anyone have any idea on this?

    I was curious if anyone had any idea on what tag or how to get this widget to function inside of a panel. Since you can just wrap it in a div tag and make it work that way on a webpage I figured that...
  4. response to how I included it

    I just added it as a widget inside of a panel, so I just used the xtype. The Ext.define with the appropriate tags and used the html tag with quotes around the new Twitter widget function and + to...
  5. How to get the twitter widget functioning inside an EXTJS4 panel?

    Sorry if this ends up in here twice but for some reason when I tried to save this it wanted me to log back in again.

    How do I get this twitter widget code to function inside an EXTJS panel?

  6. Where would this method be?

    Can anyone help point me to where this method is? It doesn't appear in the code so it must be calling something that needs to be included.
  7. Still unable to figure this out

    Can anyone provide some help here? I'm not sure what exactly it doesn't like to get this RowExpander to work. I tried providing a config but maybe I'm not sure what exactly he meant by it. Anyway any...
  8. Can anyone help here?

    I'm really lost as to why I can't get the image to appear anchored on the page without a frame around it?
  9. in addition to

    I found that if I added another items to the first code set from above that it will move it over but then it wants to appear with a panel or box around it, which is causing problems because the line...
  10. Using Anchor for layout but can't get images to go to right place with x & y

    Here is some sample code:

    x: 350,
    y: 45,
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    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks again for your help. Not sure what you mean by correct forum? I just clicked on the forum link and then went to Open Discussions. What forum would this belong in?
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    Sorry this didn't get the image the first...

    Sorry this didn't get the image the first time.39798
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    How to manipulate images on a page?

    I've got a circular image that I need to put in a circle on one of my tab panels . I'm not sure how to get this to work. Anyone have any idea on how to get these images to be in a circle? The image...
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    I got it to work but a bit differently

    I had to move the method into the same class and just use the Ext.getCmp('tabs') to return the component. This allowed me to then just add the tab to the function. Thanks for the suggestion it helped...
  15. That worked great!

    Thanks for your help. Any chance I can get some help with dynamically generating tabs question that I have out there?
  16. The multi:true deal will open them all at...

    The multi:true deal will open them all at startup. Do I have to use this then write something to close all but the first one which is checked?

    Sorry on button action I meant the checkbox being...
  17. Got it to work but how can I keep preceding panel open?

    Okay - I see it inherits the expand from panel and it works but two things it wont keep other panels open and how do I collapse on an uncheck? Currently it is just seeing the button action as both...
  18. Accordion doesn't have an expand method

    Not sure how that works as I don't see an expand method available. Can you give me an example or a little more explanation?
  19. How to get a Checkbox action to open accordion panel

    Another issue that I'm having is trying to open an accordion panel when I check a checkbox. I tried using the show() method but it doesn't seem to work. Anyway here's some back ground on this issue:...
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    Dynamic tab generation

    I'm having trouble getting something similar to the example working to do the tab generation. Anyway here is my situation: I have a menu that I have an image and a text link that need to be clickable...
  21. Okay so I've checked the store and it is valid....

    Okay so I've checked the store and it is valid. It will load if I comment out line 163 in the RowExpander.js file. I also tried commenting out the custom template but still same issue. The only thing...
  22. Trouble getting row expander to work - ERROR Cannot call method 'insert' of undefined

    Anyone know what would cause this ? I've looked all over the forum and I haven't found anything that is helpful in solving this issue.

  23. Getting an ERROR when trying to implement the RowExpander

    Cannot call method 'insert' of undefined - says this is on line 126 of the RowExpander.js. I'm following the example from the sencha website for extjs.

  24. you mean in the downloadable ExtJs zip?

    Do you mean in the downloadable ExtJs zip that you use to build projects with?
  25. Ext.ux.RowExpander.js - Can someone please tell me where I can get it?

    I see this plugin being used on an example on the Sencha/ExtJs website but I can't seem to find the actual plugin. I've googled it and I'm not sure which one is the real or certified plugin to use....
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