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    Issue with Production build using CMD 5

    I am in process to migrate our application from Extjs 4.2.x version to Extjs 5.0.x version. Before changing the framework itself, I am in process to upgrade the command version. I am able to build...
  2. Same issue

    We are also facing the same issue. The normal form submit (on touch 2.3.0) is not submitting the correct values.
    "Ext.dom.Element.serializeForm" picks up the data from the dom input element directly.
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    Solution: Packages

    We ended up dividing our project in smaller packages, with all the sass files related to that package residing in sass folder with same folder structure as that of Javascript class. A few of sass...
  4. CMD override of sass class in app no longer works

    Extjs Version: 4.2.1,
    Cmd version:,
    OS: Windows 7

    The application is building with the new Cmd, the only problem we are seeing is that we have some SASS files in the app that...
  5. some of the image folders are not copied over to final build

    Some of the images when i do a build does not get copied to final resources/images directory. The images for form, tool are missing for me. I can see the css is there and js files are there in the...
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    How to specify directory of SASS files in new Sencha CMD?

    I am in process to move from Extjs 4.1 to 4.2 version. I have issues with new structure of themes. How to specify various SASS paths in the new structure? I use to set the "additional_import_paths"...
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