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  1. I have a Grid inside a FieldSet. On some user events, the number of items visible in the grid is changed (via a custom StoreFilter). The problem is that the FieldSet/Grid does not expand or shrink...
  2. When calling setFireChangeEventOnSetValue on a RadioGroup (or any MultiField), the fireChangeEventOnSetValue of each of the items in Fields should be updated. Otherwise, no ChangeEvents are sent to...
  3. I am seeing this error when I remove a model from a store using a SelectionListener on a Grid:

    [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped (TypeError):...
  4. The refresh button is missing the icon on the PagingToolBar in svn version r1348. The button still clicks and works, but it is invisible until you mouse over it.

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    I reported this bug to sven on #extgwt who claimed it was fixed in svn. I get the bug in both IE6 and FF3.


    [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped...
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    I am also on trunk and have managed to move to 1.6 M1. Is there any word on when the css will be back? I don't mind muddling through the trunk while under development, but I'm waiting on HtmlEditor...
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    I am trying to load a grid with different stores based on what object the user clicks on. When I call grid.reconfigure() with the new store, the grid control loads the new store and shows a loading...
  8. Hi Sven,

    I just pulled down r1205 and tried it against that. It is a little better, but I am still seeing the issue. Basically, when I remove all of the children from Alexandria, and then...
  9. Hi Sven,

    I am on the trunk, and I did notice that the test case I gave you did in fact work. Here is what you need to do to reproduce the issue:

    1) Remove all the items under Alexandria (the...
  10. I have a project where I am adding and deleting items from a Tree. When I remove the last child, the parent node turns into a leaf (and the expand/collapse control disappears). However, when I then...
  11. Thanks Sven, that fixed it.
  12. I have a LoginDialog fashioned after the Mail sample where pressing enter submits the form. When I run the application in IE (either in hosted mode or compiled mode) I get double submit events. ...
  13. There are some issues with when and where the "my-tree-drop" style is removed from a Tree on DND. For example, if I have Feedback.BOTH and grab node and try to drop it on its parent, the current...
  14. Found this while looking for something else, not sure what the intent here is.

    protected void onDragMove(DNDEvent event) {
    if (!event.within(grid.getView().getBody().dom)) {...
  15. Excellent, then I won't have a collision when I svn up :)

    This probably also fixes the issue in this thread
  16. GXT Dev,

    Sven gave me a clue as to what is wrong in the other thread. Try applying the patch I posted there and see if it fixes your issue.

  17. Sven,

    Thanks for confirming this issue and the fix. I went ahead and removed those three lines and tested my code and it works fine. Thanks for your help.


  18. I did a little snooping around and it looks like the reason the tree is not expanding is that line 137 of TreeDropTarget.handleAppend calls item.setExpanded(true); and line 615 of...
  19. Here is a complete example that shows the issue.


    package com.nathanegge.gxt.client;

    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Style.Scroll;
    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.binder.TreeBinder;...
  20. Since this thread is marked [FNR] I made a new thread for the similar issue that exists when a non-asynchronous TreeLoader is used. It can be found here:
  21. The original thread where I posted this issue was marked [FNR] yet the bug still exists. Here is a full example that demonstrates the issue. Simply try dragging the node VA onto the node MD before...
  22. Sven,

    I was using the trunk (subversion revision 1181 to be specific). I spoke with Darrell on IRC yesterday and he fixed the issue in r1185.


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    The IRC channel is dead these days. Has it moved or is there some other place users congregate?
  24. I am using the trunk [r1181] and can reproduce this error when my Tree is not asynchronously loaded.


    DataReader<List<MyModel>> treeReader=new DataReader<List<MyModel>>() {
  25. DataReader<List<MyModel>> treeReader=new DataReader<List<MyModel>>() {
    public List<NavigableModel> read(Object _config,Object _parent) {
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