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    * extjs grid export

    These are must haves for me:-;

    Let me know if I could be of help. If there is a guide for migrating ux from 3.x to 4.x, that would be good.
  2. I am hoping to use ExtJs 4 for the next project. I am facing several issues. For instance, the calendar component does not show the actual values (pic). This is a CSS issue. If I switched backed...
  3. Hello: I have four panels which are dynamically added to a tabpanel item. Three are grid panels, and one is a form panel. I need to preserve the grids proportions or sizes. I tried several layout...
  4. Hi:

    A listener is attached to a Checkbox. It will fire on change. It works as expected in FF and IE. But in Safari, it does not fire. Any suggestions.

    { header: 'Tested',
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    Thanks. Will try it out.
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    I have a grid search implemented here:

    The grid loads different products based on selection. Is there a way to clear the search.

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    I have a simple grid, where the users can add rows ( Each column needs a tool tip, when the user goes to input the data. Sample column model is below:...
  8. Thank you. Your suggestion worked.
  9. Thanks. I got it.
    Perhaps, I confused two ux for carousel.
  10. I am thinking it a parameter that I have to specify, or a css error. That trying to set parameters and see.
  11. Thanks. That issue solved.

    But, it still throws the following error:
    this.settings is undefined
    chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif _Min =...
  12. Yes. The firebug shows it being loaded.
  13. I am trying to implement the example in this thread.
    The difference is I am using ext-base.js and ext-all-debug.js instead of ext-core-debug.js. But, it is throwing me the Ext.ux.Carousel is not a...
  14. Hello All:

    I am using the search plugin, the search is working fine.

    However, when I click the x to clear the filter, it does not respond.

    From the forums I know there exists:...
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    I am using qtip in one column of a grid using the following code. When the text is large, it over spills the qtip box in FF. IE adjusts this correctly.

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    I need to enable the user to add a new row to the grid.

    The user may also update one or more rows.

    What is the best way to do this?


  17. I need to add, delete, and update grid row records.

    I am trying to implement the restful row edit features.

    Extjs Example

    My Example

    I know we can check the methods (post, get, delete,...
  18. Hello All:

    I followed the example here: (

    I implemented here:

    It seems to...
  19. Thank you for your suggestion.

    Right now I am just looping through all the items, and building a json. It works fine. I'll look into your suggestions.

    var MaxItems =...
  20. Thanks.
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    How can I make it synchronous?
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    Hello All:

    I've implemented a dynamic grid (creating column modal and data store on the fly) using the code in this post:

    That code seems to be...
  23. Hello All:

    Getting Json from the Server and displaying it in the grid is relatively straight forward. In the application (, I generate a...
  24. Thanks. Thats it. I just removed that line.
  25. Hello All:

    I am writing a script to load a grid with items selected from another gird. The example is here:

    It seems to work, except that...
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