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  1. Hi Sword,

    Very thanks for your quick reply.

    I have installed Sench Architect 2 on my Windows7 OS machine.
    Can we installed PhoneGap on Windows7 OS machine?
    If can, where i will download...
  2. Hi sword,

    Thaks for your quick reply.
    I will download phonegap and will try it. But i have two questions.

    1. Is PhoneGap will work on Windows7?
    2. Can we read device information from iPhone...
  3. Hi,

    Can we read device information from sencha touch?
    I need to read IMEI number from iPhone device. Is it possible on Sencha Touch2.x?
    Please help me. I am troubling to read it?

    Thanks ...
  4. HI,
    Please tell me whether the following code is work or not.

    params: {Name:'Nigel', Age:20,format: 'xml'},
  5. Hi,

    I have used the same code.
    Please see the attached image "Sencha1.jpg"

    The output will be failure. see the image "Sencha2.jpg"

    I have attached the image.
    But i have one question. I...
  6. Did you fix this your issue?
    If fixed, please tell me the solution?

  7. Hello,

    I have called the webservice from Sencha Touch 2.0.
    I have wrote the following code onButtonTap event

    params: {Name:'Nigel', Age:20},
  8. Hi,

    I am using the following line code in sencha touch.
    It will works fine in safari browser from windows OS. (local url as http://localhost/Ex1/app.html)
    Ext.Msg.alert("Test", "Display");
  9. Hi,

    Please follow my instruction. And tell me how i can call this web methods(XMLData,JSONData) from WCF

    I have developed sample WCF service and trying to connect it via Sencha tool...
  10. 1. I have tried by using Ex.Msg.Alert() directly on callback, for this also it wont connect.
    2. I have used Safari(webkit based) browser
  11. Hi,

    I have created a WCF sevice using Visual Studio 2010.

    We can browse the WCF service from browser
    Where "json" is method name and ...
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