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  1. your issue looks a bit different. I created an issue in the Bug forum for the issue i am having...
  2. any thoughts on this?
  3. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.02 rev

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF 5 (firebug installed)

  4. thanks for all the help, but i am not following you. I removed the Ext.application from my code as i could not get it to work. If i cut and paste my subclassed form into my top level Ext.onReady...
  5. If i get rid of the application and just do this:

    enabled: true
  6. but if i remove loader my app can not find my classes. Very frustrating. I tried adding:


    but it says i need to enable Ext.Loader!?!?!?!?
  7. i am having the same issue: provider is undefined

    <title>Hello Ext</title>

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="resources/css/ext-all.css">
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    I am trying to use Direct with Ext JS 4. In my html page i include the ap--debug.js script tag. If i hit that URL directly i see what looks like information about the Direct service i have deployed...
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    If i buy a Designer license now, will get a free upgrade to 1.2 when it is released?
  10. i have not seen this documented anywhere, so i hope this helps someone else...charts with XML stores have to type the parameters otherwise it will not work. as in...

  11. Not sure what you mean. How would i "iterate" over the values in the store? I am new to JavaScript development so I am struggling to understand how to use it. The weak typing is very painful since...
  12. If i use XML to load my store the scale is way off. If i put the same values into a JSON format, it works as expected.

  13. Any ideas as to what i am doing wrong? If i use XML to load my store the scale is way off. If i put the same values into a JSON format, it works as expected.

  14. Scale is not right
    Does not fill the axis area with render

    Ext.require(['Ext.Window', '', 'Ext.layout.container.Fit']);
  15. Stacked bar charts do not appear render correctly. I have some code and to illustrate is dropped in a hardcoded data set. The sum of my elements is 210, but the bar draws all the way to the end of...
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    I am having two issues with my stacked bar chart and was hoping someone could help point out where i am going wrong.

    The scale of the chart is several orders of magnitude off. The dataset is...
  17. can you give a full code example so we can paste it into our code and see what is going on?
  18. I am using GWT 2.0.4 and GXT 2.1.1

    Looks like i must be doing something bad since the demos in the explorer app do not appear to behave like this. Yes, the fields are not visible at first. ...
  19. Anyone have advice how i can work around a browser rendering issue. Comboboxes are rendered differently between browsers in terms of where the trigger is rendered. Firefox renders the trigger...
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    Why does one have to use a FormLayout to have things like ComboBox, TextField, etc... display the field name? Why is the display of the Field name tied to a layout? Why do these components behave...
  21. thanks for the reply sven. I was in a rush to get out of the office yesterday so i did not attach more code. While dumbing it down this morning, I could not reproduce the issue in the stripped down...
  22. I am trying to get a layout to work between IE7 and FF 3.6.8. Things look good in FF, but IE pushes two of my components down to another row.

    Firefox 3.6.8

    IE 7
  23. thanks sven. to get it to work i ended up getting the view.getHeaders().refresh(). What is HideMode? there is nothing in the Javadocs about it and i did not see anything when i searched the forums.
  24. gxt 2.1.1

    I have an app which has a grid set to invisible until a selection is made in a TreePanel. Once this selection happens, the grid is diplayed. this grid has a check box selection model...
  25. Thanks Sven. For anyone else, here is the code which works for me...

    tree.getSelectionModel().addListener( Events.SelectionChange, new Listener<SelectionChangedEvent<MappingTreeVO>>()...
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