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  1. Same with 2.2.1.. Is anybody at least working on it ? Any advice to make the white screen shorter.. :/ ??
    Using Cordova would help ?

    My client is obviously regretting my choice of Sench Touch.....
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    Any ideas why there are no updates for ages ? I bought the book a few months ago, and since that date no updates at all, but really NOTHING. I understand it will take more time to release the whole...
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    Don't know why you got no reply yet :D
    Your app is really good ! Looks like a native one.
    Its'really a good job !
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    I'm sooooooo disappointed in Jesus Garcia and Anthony De Moss.. I bought the ebook in advance like you explained it a few months ago. It was the first time I bought a book that way and was (stupidly)...
  5. Well my demo is not about Contacts.. So I can't really help you on that.. But if you figure out how to fix my issue, I'll be glad you come back here to tell me :)
    Because I just gave up..
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    Thank you John ! And so you said the timestamps are used but does it check the time when the guy was online/offline ?

    (sorry if it sounds stupid but I would like to be sure)
    at 08:00 user1 and...
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    Just an example to be sure to understand what will happen.

    A database with one product : id=1, name="Macbook"

    user1 : at 5:00 is working on the app. 6:30 online, he renames the product in...
  8. I've just used the debug script "sencha-touch-debug.js" and got finally the errors :

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'set' of...
  9. Hi everyone,
    First thanks to Sencha team, Sencha is really a great stuff !

    But unfortunately i'm stuck on the thing I thought would be the easiest part :)
    I've made a small web app with Sencha...
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    Oh very interesting !!
    And compared to your previous application what is different ? I mean you didn't use Sencha Touch and Phonegap before or ?
  11. Sorry for the late reply, but yeah that would be great ;D
    Grazie Mille !
  12. Just curious again ^_^ I see your app on the android market, people download it like on the appstore ?
    I mean the same quantity ?
    And I'm looking forward to see your new app ;D
  13. So thats a really nice plugin, but just to say, i've just tried your website demo and you force people to add it to the homescreen right ? Because I tried to remove that windows popup, or to cancel...
  14. Really nice :D
    Just for information after a few weeks, how the downloadings are going ?
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